SCVNGR goes global, unleashes zombie horde on businesses


SCVNGR combines the location check-ins of Foursquare with gaming fun and coupon rewards. Image: Flickr / takamorry / CC-BY

SCVNGR, an online service that is part social network, part game and part advertising platform, has expanded. Using Google’s locations API, SCVNGR will be offering its services worldwide. This new worldwide SCVNGR will offer a wide variety of services, including spreading a zombie horde.

SCVNGR integrates locations into gaming

SCVNGR is a service that uses Android and iPhone devices for location-based games. Basically, you can check into various places, play games based on where you are and earn points. Nearby places are listed on your smartphone, and each location has a “challenge.” These challenges earn you points, and those points can be redeemed for real-world coupons and deals.

SCVNGR expands worldwide

SCVNGR was originally built on a platform that required users to manually add the location they were visiting. SCVNGR also worked only in the United States. Google has partnered its Places API with SCVNGR, which will allow for world wide check-ins and gaming. The new Google API also automatically enters the location you are visiting, rather than manually entering.

SCVNGR creates a zombie horde

In order to market its new “social check-in,” SCVNGR has created a Zombie horde. Just like the “Dexter” game at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, SCVNGR is used as the transmission medium for a game. In this one, 10 SCVNGR users are “infected,” and they spread that infection every time they “bump” their phones with a friend. In short, the virus spreads just like a real-life infection might.

Marketing with SCVNGR

SCVNGR presents a new facet to business and social marketing that could prove very useful. By turning every visit to a business into a game, SCVNGR helps get customers excited about businesses and keeps them interested and interactive. Just like “loyalty” cards and marketing stunts, SCVNGR offers a new way for businesses to pull in customers. People with an Android or iPhone device can download the SCVNGR app and join in the fun.


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