Thanks to helpful Santa Orange County marriage proposal goes well


An Orange County mall Santa helped make one marriage proposal very memorable. Image: Flickr / fredosan / CC-BY-ND

While working malls and tree fantasies around the country, Santa is often called on to offer a special helping hand. Jonathan Nguyen and his girlfriend, Jenny Hoang, have been dating since 2001, so he wanted to make his proposal special. To do this, Jonathan enlisted the help of a Santa for his Orange County marriage proposal.

Santa enlisted for Orange County marriage proposal

After a few-days-long breakup this fall, Johnathan decided that he wanted to propose to Jenny. He wanted to make a big splash with the proposal, and a hot-air balloon and beach-side proposal both didn’t quite feel right. When visiting the mall, however, he saw Santa and decided that the jolly old elf would be the perfect way to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. He talked with Santa and his elves, and the plot was hatched.

Santa and the elves help with Orange County proposal

On Sunday afternoon, Jenny took a couple of her friend’s kids to the Orange County mall to get a picture with Santa. Santa and the elves and Jonathan were all expecting her, and after the kids got their picture with Santa, he called her back. The elves signaled to Jonathan, who was hiding in a nearby store. When Jenny returned to talk to Santa, Johnathan sneaked out and dropped to one knee. With a ring in his hands, Johnathan professed his love and proposed. Jenny, who also fell to her knees, accepted with teary eyes.

Santa’s Orange County marriage proposal isn’t the only hijink

The holidays are always an incredibly busy season for Santa — but not every story is as happy as a marriage proposal. On the same Sunday that Johnathan proposed to Jenny, a “Santa bandit” robbed a Rhode Island yacht club. 2010 has been a rough year for Santas, as the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas, an organization of freelance Santas, reports that bookings are down by nearly a quarter.


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