New Rules Will Prohibit Teens from Having Credit Cards

Drinking age is the new credit card age

People younger than 21 can no longer get credit cards on their own.

People younger than 21 can no longer get credit cards on their own.

When a new piece of legislation takes effect in February, anyone younger than 21 will need a cosigner older than 21 to get a credit card. I believe this is a very positive step that will keep a lot of people from getting deep into debt.

If I hadn’t gotten a credit card when I was 18, I know I’d be a lot better off. I racked up so much debt on my credit card by the time I was 21 it seemed it was already too late to get out. Years later, I am still paying off purchases I made while I was in college.

Start of a credit catastrophe

It’s this type of mentality that keeps people going deeper and deeper into debt. I figured I already owed thousands of dollars on my card, what’s a few hundred more? Many college students and graduates feel the same way, so they keep their cards maxed out and eventually need credit counseling to figure out how they will ever overcome their debt.

I think if I’d had a few years after I moved out of my parents house to learn to live without a credit card, it would have been much easier to go without one or to use one responsibly. But alas, an 18-year-old with a credit card who is on her own for the first time is a dangerous thing with possibly lifelong implications. I am glad legislators see this and passed the new law.

Implications to credit card industry

If my prediction that not allowing people to get credit cards until they are 21 will cause a lot less debt and much more responsible use of credit in general, it could have huge implications for credit card companies. Personally, if I had not been allowed to get a credit card until I was 21 I might have never gotten one at all.

I think and I hope that this will be the case for many young people, who will realize they can survive without using credit and spending thousands on interest alone. I think this new law could greatly reduce the use of credit cards, which is great news for society but could potentially bankrupt the credit card industry.

I guess creditors should start looking for new jobs now.

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