When Robin Hood 702 Wins, So Does a Family in Need

Robin Hood 702 will help a family out of debt

Image from Flickr.

Image from Flickr.

Heartwarming stories abound during the holidays, and no recession can change that. The latest tale of selfless giving comes to us from Las Vegas, a city not often associated with charitable giving. However, a man who calls himself Robin Hood 702 wants to show that gambling can be used for good.

Robin Hood 702 chose that name because he takes money from rich casinos and gives it to a poor family. He did the same thing last year, and it appears he might be turning it into a tradition. The number in Robin Hood 702 is the Las Vegas area code. Anyone who has ever needed a loan until payday

Why be a Robin Hood?

On Robin Hood 702s web site, he explains the reason he wants to pay for a poor family to fly to Vegas, stay in a high-roller suite at an expensive hotel, then win big on the blackjack tables and give his winnings away:

This is one man trying to make a difference in the lives of deserving Americans, hoping others will do the same.

So far, his efforts seem to be working. Another man has agreed already to do the same thing Robin Hood 702 is doing. The web site says families who are $25,000 to $50,000 in debt can submit a video talking about their financial state and how they got there, and he will choose one family to give his winnings to.

What if Robin Hood 702 doesn’t win?

First of all, Robin Hood 702 assures on a video on his web site that he will win. However, even if he doesn’t make money at the blackjack table when the lucky family comes to visit, he says he will pay half of the family’s debt. He says he wants to help a family that is in a bad financial situation but “they have been nice people.”

The web site doesn’t give a deadline for submissions or say when Robin Hood 702 will choose the family. He plans to have a news crew in the casino to document the event when he goes to the blackjack table for the chosen family. The web site is just a simple explanation and a place to upload videos. Go to RobinHood702.com.

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