Who are these people Robert Gibbs is talking about?

Suit and tie

Do the Professional Left have to wear suit and tie? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

In a recent interview, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs decried a shadowy group of people, known as the “professional left.” While this may cause some to miss the days of the highly quotable Dan Quayle, it seems a telling portrait of who the administration is looking to please.

Gibbs prefers the amateur left

The “professional left,” as Press Secretary Robert Gibbs put it, have yet to be satisfied with anything Obama has done as president. In an interview with The Hill, he said that this shadow cabal of malcontents would only be happy with a health care plan akin to Canada’s and when the Pentagon is done away with. He also said that they were comparing Obama with George W. Bush, and that for doing so, they should all be “drug tested.” The White House Press Secretary also purported they wouldn’t be happy “even if Dennis Kucinich was President.”

Who are these sinister people?

The going assumption is that the Obama administration is fed up with criticisms from liberals, especially about a public option and no improvement in federal LGBT rights. Some say the White House has not taken a proactive enough role in repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Still, just who exactly the “professional left” is supposed to be, it isn’t clearly defined. The interview was published today Gibbs was conspicuously absent from the White House press conference that day. Bill Burton, who filled in for Gibbs, says he was sick.

Not the most artful of phrases

Though the exact demographic Robert Gibbs was lampooning wasn’t entirely clear, what it was he objected to was clear. The fact is that no matter what an elected official does, it is never good enough for some people, and others just love to complain.

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