Rice, Texas hit by F2 tornado that injures four


The tornado in Rice, Texas did significant damage, but only injured four. Image: Flickr / OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) / CC-BY-SA

The small town of Rice, Texas has been hit by a mid-level tornado. The 125 mph winds flipped trucks and railroad cars. Four people were taken to a nearby hospital after the Rice, Texas tornado; most of the damage in Rice was done to property.

F2 tornado in Rice, Texas

At about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday night, a very heavy storm hit Rice, Texas. An F2 twister was spotted during the storm. The tornado was videotaped by witnesses that were inside a vehicle on the roads of Rice, Texas. The roof was ripped off several homes and the local elementary school. Officials estimate that the damage to Rice Elementary and other Rice, Texas buildings will cost between three and five million dollars.

Possible tornadoes outside Rice, Texas

The F2 tornado in Rice, Texas was just one of four or five possible tornadoes in Texas on Sunday. The National Weather Service is investigating these possible tornadoes, though without any confirmation of touchdown they will most likely remain “possible” tornado events. Either way, the tornadoes all lasted for a very short period of time.

The Fujita scale of Rice, Texas tornado

The tornado in Rice, Texas is being listed as an “F2.” The “F” ratings on tornadoes stands for Fujita scale tornadoes. The rating of a tornado is based on the intensity of wind inside the tornado. The tornado in Rice, Texas had 125 mile per hour winds, which is listed as a “significant tornado.” About 25 percent of tornadoes each year about listed as “strong” — F2 or F3 intensity tornadoes. Violent tornadoes, F4 or F5, happen only about 1 percent of the time. The damage that a tornado does also carries significant weight in the official “F” rating of a storm. The official rating of the Rice, Texas tornado will not be listed for at least a few weeks.

Watch the tornado in Rice, Texas


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