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Renee Bowman stuffs adoptees in freezer, gets murder in the first

Do jokes that put Trig Palin in or near the crosshairs bother you? They’re nothing compared to this.

Renee Bowman, 44, is not the first person to adopt children for the state stipend. Debt survival is tough, and people of limited means have to scratch and claw. Sadly, she is also not the first foster parent to abuse her children. But you don’t often see a “mother” who is such a clear sociopath. The Washington Post reports that after two hours of jury deliberation, Renee Bowman was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and three counts of child abuse. The two young girls who died (estimated in 2006 or 2007) were stuffed into a freezer that Bowman carried with her as she moved from place to place around the D.C. area.

No emotion after the verdict

The Post indicates that the woman “showed no emotion” following the jury’s decision. “Cold as ice” is grimly appropriate here. State’s Attorney John McCarthy said “This woman was in it for the money. And by killing the children, keeping them literally on ice, the money continued to flow.”

Alan Drew, attorney for Renee Bowman, claimed that “at least one” of the two actually died of “natural causes,” as if such a thing were perfectly normal for a pre-teen. The legal wrangling was designed to try to get the first-degree murder charge knocked down to second-degree, but it’s all murder in the end, isn’t it? You can spread your jam over as many pieces of bread as you like. It quickly wears thin.

The surviving child testified. She is nine years old.

I can’t imagine what life must have been like for Renee Bowman’s three young torture subjects. Here’s a sampling of what the surviving child had to reveal on the witness stand. I weep for her peace, when she may find it. Her life is what matters now. Renee Bowman’s macabre debt survival is a twisted monument to disease and total lack of compassion. What the surviving girl deserves is the kind of love that her sisters never received.

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