Relief and emergency loans may be needed in frozen South


Blizzard conditions are hitting the Southern U.S., and states without cold weather infrastructures may need emergency loans before long. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The American Southwest has been paralyzed by freezing cold, and emergency loans may be needed before long. Several major southern cities have been brought almost to a halt by snow and ice in one of the worst winters on record. Some states have declared states of emergency.

Southern states may need emergency loans before long

The winter storms that have been wracking the east coast with record snow and ice are wreaking havoc in the South, and emergency loans may be needed for relief efforts before long. Up to a foot of snow has fallen from Louisiana through Alabama and all the way up to the Carolinas, according to MSNBC. The amount of precipitation has varied, but Tennessee received 13 inches of snow. Freezing rain across the Gulf Coast has not helped matters; it has turned roads into skating rinks and bridges into dangerous crossings. The states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee have all declared states of emergency, including school and university closures.

Alabama terrified of missing game

Alabama is said to be the most obsessed states in the union regarding college football, and the Auburn Tigers are playing  the  Oregon Ducks in the BCS Championship today. However, icy roads and snowy conditions may prevent people from being able to attend. The city of Birmingham has been hard hit by the weather, and flights are being canceled. Governor Bob Riley had to opt out of a trip to Arizona for the game because of the rotten weather. More snow is due in the region, and the conditions are expected to stay rotten for days.

Silver lining for some

Some have found a way to make a little extra cash during the snowstorm in a region known for humidity, heat and more humidity. Enterprising individuals and contractors with the equipment are able to plow snow covered roads and lay down de-icer and sand in cities lacking the equipment.



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