Redecorate your kids’ rooms for less than $100

Sticker Tree

Redecorating kids' rooms can be easy with $5 worth of paint and a few custom stickers. Image: Flickr / TinyTall / CC-BY-ND

Kids’ rooms are a difficult decorating challenge. As children grow, tastes can change and parents end up being asked to redecorate kids’ rooms again and again. Luckily, when you need to redecorate your kids’ rooms, you don’t have to spend lots of money for a new look.

Redecorating kids’ rooms – the basics

When redecorating your kids’ rooms, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first. How old are the children, and how quickly do you think they may grow out of their current obsession? If you rent your home, are you allowed to change the wall color or make structural changes to the room? What is the biggest challenge in the room — organization, design, light or space? Make a list of the changes your child wants to make and the changes you want to make and prioritize.

Redecorate your kids’ rooms with the big stuff

Buying new furniture or changing the structure of a room will quickly send you over a $100 budget. However, re-painting or re-finishing furniture can easily give it new life that fits into the new look that your kid may want. Try looking for and using dual-purpose items as well. Storage and organization shelves make great headboards, for example. Try looking in consignment and second-hand stores for inexpensive but sturdy furniture. Buying one dresser for $50 may feel like a big investment, but it will last much longer than a $20 dresser that you will have to re-purchase in a few years.

Redecorate your kids’ rooms without permanence

Kids’ taste in colors or decor can change in a matter of minutes and several times over a few years. Rather than repainting a room, try going to your local sign shop to get custom stickers made. A large custom sticker can give a great graphic feel to the room and is not nearly as expensive or as permanent as a coat of paint. You can also purchase rolled cork or dry-erase board that can be mounted to the wall for less than $100. By giving kids’ rooms a dedicated place for them to draw, write and generally express themselves, they can change their space as often as they like.

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