It is REAL if I bought my hair with a payday loan, right?

There are ways to keep your synthetic hair, real or fake hair extensions, looking good.Hair is a major factor in the lives of many women and men. Hollywood has been using wigs and hair pieces for years. The use of hair pieces has mainly been popular with African American women, but the times are changing. Everyone is adding hair, a little here and a little there. There’s no shame in the game and quite frankly, it’s a smart way to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Hair extensions of the 21st century

The synthetic hair available today looks and feels like the real thing. It’s crazy that this synthetic hair is actually made out of plastic because it looks absolutely flawless. Many hair extension specialist and their customers prefer human hair as opposed to synthetic hair, but who wouldn’t? Technology in this area has become so advanced that there is synthetic hair that you can actually use hot styling tools with. It is a good thing the prices have come down. It used to be that you had to request short term loans online or wait for 30 day loans just to come up with the needed cash.

Weaves and more weaves

There are many different categories of weaves. First, there are weaves laid out on a track; they come in synthetic or natural hair. With this method, you could bond, clamp, sew or even latch or hook the weave into your head. This hair comes pre-bonded in small sections, and you could get started a heat clamp, fusing it to a section of your natural hair. You can also insert hair into a little bead with your real hair and use a pair of hair pliers to clamp it shut. Another popular, no-fuss alternative is a full wig.

I’m talking wigs!

It’s easy to wear out any type of hair piece you may be sporting. Even human hair extensions look ravaged after awhile. It’s necessary to replace the naturally occurring oils that hair needs to stay healthy. You may want to give your human hair extensions a weekly hot oil treatment and use heat protection and a good leave-in conditioner. This will ensure that your hair will look great for a lot longer. Concerning synthetic hair, it’s really easy to go a little crazy and brush your piece to death. As for myself, I have never had long hair of my own. So when I do wear a wig, I’m constantly brushing it or trying to detangle it and even flipping it every which way. After a couple of days, the ends get rough and frizzy, and I feel like I just wasted a pretty penny. But no worries, ladies and gents, because I have found the answer to keeping your synthetic wig or hair piece from going extinct!

The secret is heat

Every hair piece made of synthetic hair will have a warning label that says not store around heat, period. Well I found that the best way to straighten out those fried frayed ends is to use a combination of conditioned water and a curling iron on the lowest setting. Spray the area you wish to smooth then run your iron through, making sure hair is pulled through the iron with a lot of tension and tightness. Do this a few times to each section. Within minutes, your synthetic hair will look like new. I know this method works because I tried it out for myself today. I was seriously impressed. No more ragged hair pieces for me. If you bought it, then it’s your hair no matter what it’s made of. This is true even if you had to get a bad credit short term loan to fund the purchase.