Randy Neugebauer cries BABY KILLER over health care bill

The bespectacled and –some would say – baby face of Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer. What makes a career politician like this flip his lid and shout "Baby killer!" at a colleague while the House is in session?

Rep. Randy Neugebauer, aka "He Who Shouts Baby Killer." (Photo: Wikipedia)

If he indeed reflects the will of his constituents, Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer may have just become the poster baby for why Texas should go ahead and secede from the Union: to hide public officials like Randy Neugebauer from view. Neugebauer, who has since admitted to shouting “Baby killer!” before members of the House after the health care bill passed, was supposedly objecting to what he views as pro-abortion leanings in the bill. Much like South Carolina’s Rep. Joe Wilson, who shouted “You lie!” at President Obama as he delivered a speech before Congress, Randy Neugebauer couldn’t compose himself and be a professional, working adult. It was apparent that he shouted at Rep. Bart Stupak the “baby killer!” moniker after the Michigan Democrat voiced his support for the health care bill.

Neugebauer denies having directed it specifically at Stupak

Yet Randy Neugebauer apologized to his House colleague anyway. His justification for his remarks – that the health care bill is “a baby killer” – may be his last-ditch effort to squeeze campaign dollars out of anti-abortion groups. Who knows – perhaps he was looking for some debt settlement relief?

He Who Shouts Baby Killer may be steamed over receiving less than $3,000 from the anti-abortion gallery (dollar figure taken from a Center for Responsive Politics survey). OpenSecrets.org suggests that could send anti-abortion groups into check-writing action. Those against the current health care bill are certainly steamed. Former G.W. Bush speech writer David Frum says “It’s Waterloo all right: ours.” The Fire Nancy Pelosi petition is circulating, but it’s too little too late for those who vowed to fight Democratic health care reform tooth and nail. In case you need to know, here’s a look at how the health care reform bill affects you.

Who fattens He Who Shouts Baby Killer’s war chest?

According to OpenSecrets.org, “the National Auto Dealers Association, National Association of Home Builders, Quantum Energy Partners, National Beer Wholesalers Association and National Association of Realtors” are big Randy Neugebauer bankrollers. That’s just in case you want to know.

Texas, are you proud of your elected officials?

Randy Neugebauer may represent your beliefs, but do you feel that he is scoring points for Republicans with his “He Who Shouts Baby Killer” routine? Mr. Stupak isn’t a baby killer. Emotional outbursts rarely affect cool policy decisions. They draw ridicule, not just from the media, but from people who understand adult behavior.

Shouting “Baby killer!” at grunt soldiers returning from Vietnam didn’t endear that small group of offending hippies to America, either. In both cases, perhaps a lack of information and heads swelled by some vague notion of selflessness without direction were the trouble. Randy Neugebauer would have been more endearing if he’d been more transparent. Holding up a sign begging the anti-abortion lobby for money would have been more direct, and perhaps more respectable. Payday loans with no fax are another short-term funding source, although Mr. Neugebauer would have to repay within a couple of weeks.

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