Three Questions You Should Ask About Payday Advances

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Photo from Picasa

Where should I get a payday loan?

There are hundreds of companies out there that specialize in short term loans, payday advances, and fast cash. When you need quick cash, it is important to remember that not every lender is the same. Remember to ask these three easy questions to ensure you get a payday advance that fits your needs.

How quickly will I get my money?

There are some payday lenders that might make you wait days or more while they manually verify your information – not an easy wait when you need a payday advance. Instead, work with lenders that can get you your money in fast and verify all your information electronically. This way, you get your cash quickly, and without the need to fax paperwork back and forth.

Is my personal information safe?

Requesting a payday advance can mean providing all kinds of personal information. It is important that you make sure your lender protects your personal information with strong encryption (128 or 256 bit). Some online payday advance companies may not encrypt your information – so get started only where you know your information is protected.

How much should I borrow?

When taking out a payday advance, it is important that you borrow only as much as you can easily pay back on your next payday. Payday advances are designed to be used responsibly, when you just need an extra helping hand. If you need more money than you can pay back on your next payday, try getting a personal installment loan instead of a payday advance.

When you need money quickly, it is important to take an extra few minutes to find out more about the payday advance lender that you are choosing. Make sure that they can get you your money quickly, keep your personal information safe, and offer you only as much as you can pay back easily. If you are confident in the answers you find about your payday lender, you can be confident that your payday advance will go smoothly.

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