Nine Powerful Keys to Financial Freedom

Step by Step Success Strategies

Success Key Number One

Surround yourself with successful people.

Surround yourself with successful people.

Accept that financial freedom is possible. Many cannot imagine going through debt repair, being debt free or possessing the freedom to design one’s own lifestyle by having access to a healthy cash flow. Therefore, the first step in achieving financial freedom involves believing that such a thing exists.

Success Key Number Two

Accept that financial freedom is attainable for everyone. Billionaires are ordinary human beings, and if they can achieve financial independence, this means that other ordinary human beings can, too. Yet, far too often, people are convinced that financial freedom is an ideal reserved for the enjoyment of select individuals. It is counterproductive for anyone who longs for financial freedom to believe that it is attainable by an elite few, but not for everyone.

Success Key Number Three

Provide a needed service or create a product that will be helpful to others. Know the difference between the things that people want and the things or services they actually need. If someone else is already filling these needs, determine ways in which those services or products can be improved upon. The person that is able to offer these at the best price is the one who will achieve financial freedom faster and sustain that freedom much longer than most others.

Success Key Number Four

An education is key. Whether an education is formally attained or a person is self-educated, one of the most important keys to financial freedom involves moving beyond knowing the basics of one’s niche service or product. This success key to financial freedom actually requires going beyond the fundamentals in order to field valid questions or concerns and address them using superior knowledge. Doing so makes presentations more productive and helps to pave a path to financial freedom.

Success Key Number Five

Routinely exceed expectations. When asked to do A, B or C, make a habit of going beyond these measures to provide D, E and F. In other words, go an extra mile or two for customers. Doing so helps in standing out against competition, increases reputation and attracts greater public loyalty. Each of these translates into higher revenues, which contributes to financial freedom.

Success Key Number Six

Become an expert. No matter how many professionals exist within a niche, few will ever stand out as true experts. Professionals know how to do a job, but experts strive to be at the top of their game. This is true when it comes to being the most educated within their niche, earning the trust of other professionals and endeavoring to inspire other individuals along the way.

Experts are widely recognized by their peers as those who work hard to stay a step ahead of the rest. They are the best of the best. This is not because they are competitive egomaniacs, but because they genuinely believe that what they have to offer is helpful and necessary. It is no wonder that those who experience the financial freedom that others dream of are also the top experts within their selected professions.

Success Key Number Seven

Destroy distractions. During working hours, do not allow anything short of a life and death emergency distract from projects that must be completed. Also, during personal hours, minimize time spent with mindless activities, such as endless hours of television and activities that have no real purpose. Instead, spend this time on productive activities that contribute to good health, build mental stamina and focus on mind/body renewal efforts. Avoiding useless distractions means avoiding things that drain energy and take one’s mind off of the target of financial freedom.

Success Key Number Eight

Create an inner circle of positive, focused individuals who also seek financial freedom. There’s an old adage, which explains that people are only as successful as their five closest friends. Another says that, “birds of a feather flock together.” The wisdom in both of these thoughts imply that one’s inner circle will directly impact their success. Therefore, make an effort to befriend those who have made a positive effort to adopt these wisdom keys to financial freedom and who may have a few extra to share along the way.

Success Key Number Nine

Reach out to a mentor. Target one or two experts who are willing to sacrifice a few minutes by phone, email or face-to-face at regular intervals. The mentor should be approached with the understanding that you won’t require a lot of her or his time. Instead, even if only a few minutes can be spared, the time will be helpful in reporting goals, progress and identifying areas that need to be improved. While it can be frightening to think of approaching someone to request a mentor, it should be noted that most people are flattered to be asked to share their wisdom and eager to contribute to someone’s life in such a way.

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