Plastic free in February | Bloggers attempt to cut it out


Cutting out plastic in February means using metal, ceramic and glass instead. Image: Flickr / habeebclicks / CC-BY-ND

During the month of February, one group is issuing a challenge. Plastic Free in February is a challenge to go one month without the material. So far 18 bloggers are a part of the official movement, but hundreds are participating.

Plastic free in February challenge

Rodale is a blog that focuses on environmentalism and health. For February, the blog has enlisted the help of more than a dozen bloggers for the Plastic Free in February challenge. Everyone taking on the challenge agrees to three conditions. One, no buying or acquiring new plastic. Two, no cooking with or storing any food in plastic containers. Three, minimize all other plastic use as much as possible. It’s a basic challenge, but it is also a very difficult challenge because plastic is everywhere.

Why go plastic free in February?

Rodale has instituted the Plastic Free in February challenge to help reduce use of and bring attention to the downsides of plastic. Plastic is a petroleum product that requires toxic chemicals to process and manufacture. Often, plastic packaging and containers are thrown away after they are used. The plastic usually ends up in a landfill, where it does not break down. Some plastic also ends up in waterways and as litter that also does not break down completely. That half-broken down plastic can leach chemicals into groundwater and end up in drinking water.

Plastic Free in February challenge

Bloggers who are participating in the Plastic Free in February challenge are already trading tips on how to meet the goal. Fabric shopping and storage bags, glass cooking utensils and ceramic dishes are all suggested. Many are saying that they may end up eating many more whole foods or vegan-style dishes in because of the packaging processed foods and meats usually come in.



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