Pittsboro Courthouse Fire | John Edwards sex tapes safe

Sparks from a fire

It took firefighters several hours to control the Pittsboro courthouse fire. Image from Flickr.

In 129 years, the Chatham County Courthouse has probably seen several historical events, but yesterday evening the Pittsboro courthouse fire turned the Chatham County Courthouse into a smoldering shell of its former self. The Pittsboro courthouse fire is receiving quite a bit of attention because the fire threatened tapes that reportedly show former Presidential candidate John Edwards in a sexual encounter. The Chatham County Courthouse was listed on the National Historic Register and had been undergoing renovations. Now, the county will need to look into easy cash loans to repair the building or build another.

Pittsboro courthouse fire threatened Edwards sex tape

The Pittsboro courthouse has lately been the center of an ongoing conflict for John Edwards. Official John Edwards campaign videographer — and Edwards’ mistress — Rielle Hunter apparently created this sex tape during the Edwards campaign. Apparently, at the time it was made Rielle Hunter was several months pregnant with John Edwards’ child.

John Edwards aide Andrew Young came into possession of the sex tape, perhaps hoping for an fast cash loan from the tabloids. In February, a hearing held at the Chatham County Courthouse found Andrew Young in contempt of court and he was ordered to hand over the tape, which he did. The John Edwards sex tape was then moved into a “secure location,” away from the Pittsboro courthouse fire.

Cause of the Pittsboro courthouse fire unknown

The Pittsboro courthouse fire began at approximately 4:15 p.m. Thursday afternoon, and it took fire crews more than an hour to control the blaze. The Pittsboro courthouse fire started in the attic, and the clock tower and third floor were “severely damaged.”

The rest of the courthouse sustained major water and smoke damage. Smoke from the Pittsboro courthouse fire was so thick in the rest of the town that the city of Pittsboro opened a temporary shelter for residents affected by the smoke. The courthouse was not completely destroyed, but it will take several weeks of investigation to determine whether the courthouse is worth rebuilding, or if it is no longer structurally sound. Until then, legal actions delayed by the Pittsboro courthouse fire will be moved to other, temporary facilities.

See the Pittsboro courthouse fire video here


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