Company offers payday loans in exchange for tattooing pets

No, not a tattoo OF a dog. A tattoo ON a dog. Image: Tattoo Lover/Flickr/CC BY

In this stagnant economy, an entrepreneur has found a new way to make money. Antonio Smith’s Atlanta-based company Tasq Media Advertising is offering an alternative to payday loans. In exchange for a short-term loans, borrowers agree to let the company tattoo logos onto their pets.

Permanent logos on your pet

To ease that steady burden of debt and need for quick cash, Smith and his company are offering small short-term loans, usually from $50 to $200, which will be deducted from a client’s bank account when they receive their next paycheck. In exchange, the borrower’s pet is permanently tattooed with an advertisement or a company logo, the advertiser pays Tasq Media, and Tasq Media lets the client borrow a small amount of money. Clients must also agree to walk their pets three times a day for exposure.

Smith says procedure is harmless

The procedure, Smith says, is harmless to your pet. The animal is first put under anesthesia. Once asleep, it is shaved and the logo is inked in with tattooing needles. The pet awakens with no memory of the ordeal, according to Smith.

Reaction from the blogosphere

The new enterprise has drawn some angry and immediate reactions. M. Jones of Tattoo Blog said:

“If there’s one thing that really makes my blood boil when it comes to tattoos, it’s people using the art form as a method to cash in and make big bucks.” In direct response to Tasq Media’s enterprise, Jones added, “Not only do I object to this on the level of tattoo being used as a cheap, gutless marketing ploy, but I object to this on the level of animals being used as billboards.”

After a string of expletive-laden insults, Jones concluded his post with, “Where’s PETA when you actually need them?”

‘The Sellionaire’

Smith, also known as “The Sellionaire,” is an entrepreneur who sells motivational tapes on his website. His book is currently in bookstores.


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