Pet Owners Use Payday Loans for Emergency Pet Care

It’s no secret: People love their pets

Sometimes love isn't enough (photo courtesy of

Sometimes love just isn’t enough (photo by

Pet owners love their animals and many of them use payday loans to pay for emergency pet care. Regardless of economic conditions, people will always find ways to provide the best care they possibly can for a loyal dog or a faithful cat.

Today, the average pet owner may have to stretch the budget to the breaking point to pay for an emergency veterinary visit. Dr. Ganner, MD, a veterinarian in Cleveland, Ohio, states, “You never know when a pet can get ill, just like a human. Pets’ surgeries can cost more due to lack of insurance and specialized care. It’s an immediate out-of-pocket expense.”

Save on day-to-day pet expenses

For anyone with a pet, there will always be unexpected medical emergencies. The most basic way to lessen the strain of emergency expenses is to put a little money aside all year long. Here are some ways to save money for your pet’s emergency, without cutting back on the quality of daily care.

1.  Fill prescriptions at or a human pharmacy. When you fill an animal’s prescription at the veterinarian, you typically pay 30-70% more than you would online or at a regular pharmacy. Rather than blindly accepting the prescription medication handed out at a veterinarian’s office, pet owners should ask veterinarians for written prescriptions and then fill them at regular or online pharmacies.

2.  Buy pet food at superstores like Costco or Sam’s Club. Superstores purchase inventory in great quantities at huge discounts. They carry fairly wide arrays of pet foods, and you are likely to find one of your pet’s favorite brands in their well-stocked aisles. If you don’t find the brand you prefer, talk to the manager and ask if the store will order it. When enough customers ask, superstores respond by purchasing requested products. Their goal is to stock everything their shoppers need, and they work hard to live up to that.

3.  Buy pet toys at superstores or grocery stores. Toys at pet stores and boutiques can cost 50% or more than the same (or very similar) toys at a superstore or grocery store. The reason for this is that pet stores mark up all their products to pay for advertising and promotions. Retail sales are their only source of income, so they have to maximize their markup.

Start an emergency pet fund

If you put aside the money you save on these everyday pet expenses, it will be easier to pay for those inevitable emergency expenses. If your savings are adequate to cover the emergency, small payday loan lenders can make up the difference. As Dr. Ganner stated, “If people have huge monthly budgets for their pets, it’s difficult to then extend that budget even more when an emergency comes up…but, finding ways to save throughout normal times, can make it much more manageable.”

Love knows no bounds (photo courtesy of

Love knows no bounds (photo by

Love without bounds . . .

People are going to care for their pets regardless of what happens on the economic front. It’s estimated that the pet industry generates over $45.5 billion annually. Global market expert Eugene Fram stated, “It’s a substantial market. The numbers bear that out with more than 60% of households having a pet. It’s a good business and a great target market to pursue.”

But avoid heartache by economizing

Because pet owners are willing to spend so much on the daily care of their pets, they frequently compromise their ability to pay for emergency care. To avoid finding yourself in that stressful situation, it’s a good idea to treat pet care like your other budgeted expenses.

Cut back on daily pet expenses and put the savings aside in an emergency pet fund. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it is to afford the best possible pet care when you need it most if you save just a little every day. With an emergency pet fund at the ready, when emergency strikes, you’ll be able to pay for it without borrowing; or in the worst case, with a much smaller payday loan or a lot less help from family or friends.

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