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How a payday loan helped me in the nick of time

I used to work night shift at a local hospital, and I earned a night shift deferential that made my pay check exponentially larger than it normally would be. Well one pay period my boss moved my shift to days. This took away my normal night shift deferential. Due to this change the normal amount of money I would receive on payday was cut drastically short. I was in a panic and didn’t know what I was going to do.

How Personal Money Store helped me in a crisis

I went online and did a payday loan search because I needed one of those short term loans for bad credit. I found many online payday loan companies who wanted my business. I found a few ‘check loans near you’ places too. All these companies required though, that I fax in all sorts of information and their fees were way too high. I was at my wits end, when I finally found Personal Money Stores website. They were able to help me find a lender that met my needs that could loan me a cash advance to help me stay out of debt, while working on the day shift. Boy was I relieved when I found out they didn’t require a fax machine and that their service was free. When the online cash advance I needed was deposited into my bank within hours, I was speechless. It felt great to find a payday loan service who really understood.

Why you should use Personal Money Store for all your money needs

The request procedure was quick and easy. There was no faxing and my credit rating didn’t matter. I had the payday loan in a matter of hours. My bills were paid on time and I didn’t have to suffer from outrageous overdraft fees or late payment fees. Personal Money Store really saved my life. They were the allies I needed, and they can be what you need too. I will always use Personal Money Store for my online payday loan needs. When my cash is low one click is all that’s needed to have the fast cash I desperately need. Thanks Personal Money Store!

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