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A PBS Kids sign in front of the White House.

PBSKids helps sponsor events such as the Easter Egg Roll. Image from Flickr.

PBSKids is the official online resource for all PBSKids shows and games. The PBSKids website offers not only full-length video episodes of shows like Sesame Street, WordGirl and SuperWhy, it also offers educational games targeted for youngsters. The PBSKids website is free, though the PBSKids SuperWhy iPad app is $2.99 – either way, not so much PBSKids parents will need a money lender.

PBSKids Games

There are a wide variety of games available on PBSKids themed on the various shows for kids on the PBS network. There are fifteen PBSKids games available online, with even more at PBSKids Go. The games help kids learn everything from spelling and reading to puzzles, dress-up, health and nutrition, and even Earth Day worksheets.

PBSKids shows

The PBSKids website offers just more than educational games, though. PBSKids also offers PBSKids videos that don’t even require a small personal loan. The free videos cover the entire range of shows and clips that PBS kids shows involve. Sid the Science Kid, Curious George, Between the Lions and more.

PBSKids provides Earth Day Worksheets

PBSKids is also celebrating Earth Day; worksheets, videos and more available on the website. There is an entire set of PBSKids episodes available that talk about Earth Day. The Earth Day PBSKids website also has games that kids can play to learn about Earth Day and the best ways to celebrate it.

PBSKids companion websites

PBSKids is not the only PBS website that provides information and more. PBSKids has a companion PBSKids Go! website with games and shows targeted for older kids. PBSParents provides tools, suggestions, and information to help raise kids. PBSKids Play sets up educational games customized to your child in 25 different skill areas. Finally, PBSTeachers provides everything from Earth Day worksheets to videos to help teachers in K-12 education use PBS to help their kids learn.

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