Unemployment and Begging Go Hand in Hand

Blame the Recession

Unemployment has led to a rise in panhandling. Lenders cannot help them with payday loans until they can secure steady income.

Unemployment has led to a rise in panhandling. Lenders cannot help them with payday loans until they can secure steady income.

The Onalaska, Wisconsin police department has been receiving an increased number of complaints from residents about panhandling at intersections. Are these people begging because they lost their jobs and are looking for some extra money for the holidays, or are they professional beggars looking for easy money? One thing that is clear is that these people may have no access to payday loans or bank accounts to alleviate their suffering. Because of this, they cannot approach any lenders for assistance in these circumstances.

Police Department May Be Powerless

Even as complaints pour in, police find themselves unable to do much. The main issue is that these people are not obstructing the movement of people or traffic in any way and stopping them would amount to obstructing their constitutional freedom of movement. People do have a right to move around on the streets or at intersections, but the trouble starts begins when they begin begging for money and create a nuisance.

What About Other Opportunities?

Some people who are begging on the streets have been unfortunate enough to lose their jobs due to the ongoing recession and they felt that they had to resort to this practice to survive, or have a “decent” holiday. It has to be understood that the condition that these people are in is due to a particular circumstance. Would they be able to get back on their feet in a few months from other opportunities? It may or may not happen, depending on how soon the recession lifts.
However, there are a number of people who are in the business just for the easy money, such as what happens in a number of other countries. While the latter cannot really walk into any payday lending store requesting funds, the former are just held back due to the lack of resources to repay any debts. Expecting a lender to take a sympathetic view of their condition and authorize a short term loan or even a payday loan will be asking for too much.

Misuse of Public Sympathy

It’s hard not to sympathize with the people who have lost their income due to the economic meltdown, and many who pass by find it in their hearts to lend a helping hand, hoping that the money would be used in the correct way. However, this is not always the case, as some people who live on the streets tend to finance their habits of drug or alcohol addiction. The sympathy that people show may be used for purposes other than those mentioned, and this is one reason why people need to be more careful in extending help. The money that they offer could well land in the wrong hands for uses that may not be essential.

Could Things Have Been Different?

The recession is already here and there is no escaping this fact. Action is needed to make a major difference in the suffering that these people experience. Jobs need to be created for people to start working again and have access to an income that will allow them to lead a decent life. Then, and only then, will lenders look to offer some kind of assistance in the form of payday loans.

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