Winter Car Preparedness May Require a Payday Loan

In the Old Days

Do you have winter car kits? If not, even if it means taking a payday loan, get one if you like in an area where it snows!

Do you have winter car kits? If not, even if it means taking a payday loan, get one if you like in an area where it snows!

Before huge supermarkets came along to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s society, getting ready for the winter required hard work. It didn’t require payday loans. You had a shovel and you roughed it out. Yet in the aftermath of today’s harsh blizzards, where over a foot of snow is possible, people turn to all kinds of de-icers and other products that are readily available, if expensive. That doesn’t even take into account all the extra holiday lattes for which people fork over their cash in order to stay warm. I can’t help but wonder what it was like back then when people grew and canned all their food that they needed in the fall, just to survive through the winter. When Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote in her books about how they used to put up food for the winter, I bet she never imagined a world where people just go to the store and buy whatever food or other items needed to get through the winter.

Have a Plan of Action

These days, while you do not need to be as prepared for winter like in the old days, it’s still a good idea to have a plan of action. A major storm system blew through my area recently, resulting in many area businesses and schools closing. Before the storm hit, sales of shovels and snow blowers more than doubled. People also stocked up on extra food and other supplies to wait out the storm.

This all points to one thing: You need to have a plan of action in place for any emergency to protect you and your family from disaster. Winter snowstorms are no exception, and in fact, the governor of Wisconsin declared a state of emergency for the entire state. Over a foot of snow fell in a matter of 24 hours on December 9, 2009. This was the fourth worst snowstorm in Western Wisconsin history. Not having a plan of action could be deadly, or at the very least, expensive enough to take out a payday loan.

Winter Car Kits are Essential

Every winter, it seems that every media outlet advises people to create an emergency kit for their cars. They should include flares, battery cables, extra outer clothing, blankets and other items to keep you alive should you have an accident or break down somewhere and are not able to get help right away.

Old Car Kits

However, if your car is old, or has not been properly maintained, you need to include several items to help your car start in frigid temperatures. I found this out the hard way last week. It had just snowed heavily two days before, and the arctic air came rushing in after the storm. I had gone to my investment class, which ended at 9 p.m. When I came out to start the car, it would not start. Luckily, my instructor was still around and I was able to get to a gas station to buy some liquid heat to pour into my gas tank. The theory behind this was that there was still water in there from the summer and it may have frozen. After I poured that in, my instructor took me home and my car was left at the campus. The next day, I was able to get a ride to where my car was left, so I could try starting it. It started right up and I drove it home.

Moral of the Story

Winter preparedness doesn’t just include having the right tools to clear snow, or all the winter gear to help you stay warm. Cold weather and snow affects everything around you, and you need to have a plan in place to handle anything and everything that may happen. Even if you set up an emergency savings to buy what you may need, this is better than nothing at all. And for those of you who, like me, drive an old car, you need to prepare by keeping fluids, tools and supplies in your car to keep it going until you get in your driveway. Otherwise, you may be stranded with no cash and no way to get a payday loan until some kind soul gives you a ride home.