Bookstore Encouter Leads to Payday Loan Bliss

A payday loan recreation

I was elevated

I was elevated

I needed a payday loan to keep a love spark alive. I came here to get it. Here’s the story:

Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.

Here comes the off ramp, it’s time to decide. Stay on the highway and keep speeding along in the same direction, or throw caution to the wind. I opted for the latter and went for a latte. That’s not what I needed the payday loan for, mind you.

And where’s the risk in that? There isn’t any. Plenty of people go to the bookstore, get a caffeinated drink and graze the newsstand.

Fine, let’s start again.

I dated a few girls during my formative years. Some of them were nice, others not so much. But for me, there was always “the one who got away.” We knew we were right for each other, but neither one of us had the guts to say it. The intense silences were deafening. But she went to school out of state and we stopped communicating. I figured that was it, time to move on. Looking back, I was adrift, secretly marking the days inside, hoping for a time that might never come.

Heading down the freeway, it’s six years later.

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It’s late and I’m tired. My shift is over and I’m screaming down the road toward the place where I lay my head. I have my daily blinders on as usual, but something inside tells me I should pull off at the local mall, because the bookstore is still open. Sit down and enjoy a drink, I think. Read a magazine. Relax.

As I’m reading, I run into one of my friends. He’s lonely, he’s looking to make a connection with a girl at the coffee shop. Any girl, I think. Thing is, he doesn’t know how to go about it. He’s lost, just like I’m lost.

We talk for a while, and then I look at my watch. Time to go.

Good luck, friend.

There’s a cool breeze as I walk back to my car. It almost makes me forget to go around the strange man who is panhandling on one side of the parking lot. I duck under a tree branch, sidestep a puddle and make it into the driver’s seat of my car. My door is almost closed, when I hear someone calling my way. At first, I think it’s the panhandler, and I’m not going to turn around. But once I hear my name, everything stops.

It’s her, it’s me, and this time, we aren’t letting go.

Time peels back, as great waves stand on high, suspended in anticipation. Words fly like birds from Aphrodite’s oyster. We kiss as if for the first time, and in one fall of the baton, music crashes around our ears and we drown together in our own ocean.

It was amazing.

Now, we’re married. We celebrate not only our wedding anniversary, but our “rediscovery” day. And as a special gift, I wanted to recreate our meeting for my love, all the way down to what I was wearing. Unfortunately, the date snuck up on me, and I didn’t have everything. I still needed contact lenses, rather than the glasses I currently wear.

However, I didn’t have the cash or vision coverage to take care of it. Needless to say, I had to act fast. That’s why I gave this site a try for a payday loan. I applied online the day before our special anniversary, and by the morning of the following day, I had the money I needed. Our meeting went off without a hitch, and things are better than they’ve ever been for us. I’d thank the people who run this business, but that would sound corny, wouldn’t it? I’ve been doing that all along.

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