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Pros and Cons of Pay Day Loans

Short-term loans have been known to be the financial tools utilized by many individuals at some point of their life. And pay day loans are a great avenue to pursue in order to fulfill one’s emergency cash needs in one way or the other. Pay day loans like installment  loans are one type that can provide an individual with quick money when he/she is short on cash. These loans are also called short term loans because the repayment of the loan proceeds occur only after a short interval that is within a few weeks of borrowing the money.

Since pay day loans are not hefty loans and the amount borrowed is usually not much, the fees attached to the money lent is very reasonable. In any case, if the borrower does not pay back the loan amount when it is due, the fee will continue to accrue. However, before opting for any type of loan, it is very important to put some time and effort into getting at least a brief overview of the loan type in order to understand the pros and cons that may come with it.

Pros: How can you benefit from such a loan? Is it really convenient?

There are many positive points in support of opting for pay day loans. The foremost being that pay day loans are a quick way of providing money which may serve a useful purpose for individuals who need cash in an emergency situation. Some examples in support of the viewpoint that pay day loans come in handy include your emergency medical bills, your monthly utility bills, car repair expense, etc. This type of loan is a convenient way to get financial support if an individual needs money in an unexpected emergency and is sure that he/she will be able to pay back the loan amount in the near future.

One more positive point to note in favor of pay day loans is that the loan amount borrowed is not huge in nature. This is what makes it more convenient to opt for such a loan as it can be paid back in the near future and there is no fear of having the interest fees accrue over a long period of time due to temporary non payment of the loan amount on the due date.

Cons: Some negative aspects of pay day loans.

Along with so many benefits there are also a couple of cons associated with pay day loans that one should be aware of before choosing such a loan. As compared to other loan types, the fees or interest attached to the amount of money borrowed is high. Let’s say for example you have borrowed $500 as the loan amount then the fee attached to it could be as high as $50 which is quite pricey I would say. Also this fee amount will continue to accrue if the borrower is unable to repay the loan amount right away when it is due.
Also the amount of money that one can obtain by picking this type of loan is not all that high. These loans are meant to be short term small loans for your cash needs and one cannot acquire a large amount of money. A person can acquire $300 or $1,000 as a loan amount and thus this type of loan cannot be the complete solution to the borrower’s entire financial problem. Therefore, if one is in need of more than that amount, a Pay Day loan may not be helpful in this regard.

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