Workers get more pay day cash thanks to minimum wage hike


A minimum wage in seven states gets low income workers a little more pay day cash, but it’s only pennies more an hour. Image: MoneyBlogNews/

A small hike in the minimum wage in several states is going to provide some workers with a little extra pay day cash. Minimum wage differs between states, as some peg the minimum wage to inflation. There are seven states raising the minimum wage.

Minimum wage going up in seven states

Seven states are raising the minimum wage by varying amounts, which means a little more pay day cash will be going to workers in those income brackets, according to USA Today. An estimated 650,000 people will get a raise of anywhere from 9 to 12 cents per hour, depending on which state they live in. Colorado, for instance, is getting an 11 cents an hour raise to $7.36 an hour. Washington state is raising the minimum wage by 17 cents, allowing the Evergreen state to maintain the highest minimum wage in the nation at $8.67 per hour, but that hardly keeps anyone from needing a loan until payday, as the raises are all due to higher prices of consumer goods.

Minimum wages vary

All states vary in how the minimum wage is set, though most use the federal minimum wage. Some states, such as Alabama or Mississippi, have no minimum wage laws. Ten states peg the minimum wage to cost of living, and seven states have seen a sufficient rise in consumer price indexes to raise it. Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Ohio, Oregon and Vermont have all legislated a little more quick cash for the lowest paid workers, though the raises are not by very much. The raises won’t mean that workers will suddenly never need installment loans ever again, same goes with not needing same day payday loans online, but they will get a little more help.

Every little bit helps

Those who have to make a living on minimum wage do not have an easy time of things, and even a tiny increase can be a benefit. Minimum wages have been controversial for some time, and many have argued for either a radical increase or getting rid of it altogether.


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