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A screenshot of, Pawn America's website. It is divided into easily to navigate sections, including their eBay store.

Pawn America has stores in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, as well as an eBay storefront for customers across the U.S.

During this recession, pawn shop companies like Pawn America (See have provided a valuable service for cash-strapped consumers. Secured loans in exchange for collateral property have been a popular service for hundreds of years, but companies like Pawn America have got it down to a science. As they state on their website, they see themselves as “more than just a chain of stores,” but a “connection to savings, convenience, self-sufficiency and community.” Variety, convenience and value make for an effective formula that Pawn America uses to produce results at all Pawn America locations (See, whether it be Pawn America in MN that might include a Pawn America shop in St. Cloud or any other Pawn America store in Minnesota, South Dakota or Wisconsin.

Pawn America | 22 Midwest locations and an online store

Pawn America says they will both pay the most for a customer’s used merchandise and offer the lowest prices on premium used items, as well as great prices on new and refurbished. Consumer electronics, musical instruments, tools, jewelry and much more are available at a Pawn America store or on Pawn America’s eBay page (See In addition, prepaid MasterCards can be purchased (See

Pawn America supports their community

Pawn America CEO Brad Rixmann believes it is important for Pawn America to give back to the community at large. Hence, initiatives are in place though which Pawn America can support the efforts of the Boys and Girls club of Minnesota though merchandise donations. Rixmann also encourages consumers to contact the company (See if they have ideas about how Pawn America can better serve the community. Alternatively, consumers can call (877) 766-3551.

Referral and search share for Pawn America’s website

The February 2010 numbers for (See are available at, and they tell a story of a pawn shop with a growing customer base. Much of the traffic can likely be attributed to Pawn America’s eBay store (which is linked to on the site), but there is other useful information.

Looking at the numbers, drew 20,330 unique visitors in February 2010, which reflects a 15.69 percent increase over the month prior. Total visitors topped out at 23,505, a 13.27 percent increase. Referral share leads off with at 39.87 percent, while eBay (20.84 percent) and (7.80) follow. In terms of search share, “pawn america” is the most commonly searched for term at 65.71 percent of traffic to the site, while “pawn america in mn” (five percent) and “pawn shop in st. cloud” (4.05) were also popular search terms.

Looking for a quality pawn shop? Try Pawn America!

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