Third time is no charm as Rossi concedes to Patty Murray

Patty Murray

Dino Rossi has conceded the election to Patty Murray, the incumbent Senator for Washington State. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Patty Murray has won the election for the open Senate seat for Washington State. Late in the evening of Thursday, Nov.4, Dino Rossi conceded the race. The vote count was close, but this was hardly unfamiliar territory. Dino Rossi previously lost two very close races to Christine Gregoire in gubernatorial elections in the Evergreen State. The third time was evidently not the charm.

Dino Rossi concedes to Patty Murray

Going into the election, conservative fervor seemed to indicated that Patty Murray losing was a possibility. After election night, exit polls and compiling votes put incumbent Senator Patty Murray and her Republican challenger, Dino Rossi nearly even. However, as ballots from King County, the most populous area in the state, began pouring in, Murray gained a small lead, according to USA Today. By Thursday, the lead for Senator Murray was over 46,000, and Rossi conceded the race by Thursday evening. This will be the fourth term for Murray.This is not the first time Dino Rossi has conceded a tight race. In 2004, he lost an incredibly close race with Christine Gregoire for governor of Washington state after two recounts and a law suit. He was narrowly beaten again by Gregoire in 2008. The third time was not terribly charming for Rossi.

The reddest of blue states

Washington state is considered a Democrat stronghold, but that is misleading. The 2010 election results may have gone Murray’s way, but she did not actually carry most of the state by territory, according to CNN. Fewer than 10 counties actually voted for Murray. However, most of the population of Washington state are in heavy Democrat territory. Historically, the bulk of Washington state by territory votes Republican, but it is often canceled out by most voters in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and I-5 corridor to Portland staunchly voting Democrat.

Senate retains majority

The Senate has retained a Democrat majority of 51 Democrat seats, to 47 Republican seats. There are two Senators that are actually independents but caucus with Democrats.


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