Colorado rancher breeds rare Panda Cow

Panda Cow

There are fewer than 25 Panda Cows worldwide. Photo Credit: justinbaeder/

A Colorado rancher has been able to successfully breed a rare type of cow, called a “Panda Cow.” The breed is called a Panda Cow because of the panda-like fur pattern. The breed can only be produced by genetic manipulation and careful breeding.

Panda Cow bred in Colorado

A farmer in Colorado has been able to breed a calf that is an incredibly rare hybrid, called a Panda Cow, according to ABC. Panda Cows are a miniature breed that has fur colors that resemble a panda bear. It is only possible to breed them through careful manipulation of genes through mating cows and bulls. There are only 24 in existence. Chris Jessen, who has a farm in northern Colorado, gave an interview on “Good Morning America” about the rare calf, named Ben. Panda Cows, incredibly rare even for miniature cattle breeds such as Dexter cattle, stand less than four feet tall and can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The calf could fetch up to $30,000 at auction. There are more than two dozen breeds of miniature cattle, and a miniature calf of good stock can easily go for $20,000.

Moo Year’s Eve

The calf was delivered on New Year’s Eve, which was a welcome surprise to the Jessens. The proceeds from the sale of the miniature cow wil no doubt be welcome, as well. Breeding cattle, and breeding livestock in general, is an art that dates back thousands of years. Cows were, and still are, seen in many cultures as symbols of wealth, and prize bulls in particular still command incredible value. Miniature cows are not often used for beef or dairy, as larger breeds yield more milk or beef because they have been bred over centuries for this purpose.

Designer cattle

Breeding animals for the purpose of miniaturizing them to make them more docile or aesthetically pleasing is certainly nothing new, as evidenced by various breeds of domestic cats and dogs. Farm animals have also been bred previously for the purpose of keeping them as house pets, such as pot bellied pigs. Thus, it doesn’t seem too surprising that the same would be done with cows.



Miniature Cattle

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