Palo Alto Plane Crash | 3 Dead as fires and power outages break out

Palo Alto Plane Crash kills all aboard

Photo resembling the Palo Alto plane crash

Not an image of the Palo Alto crash. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

A small plane, a Cessna 310, descended out of the sky around 7:55 am in Palo Alto, California, slamming into a residence and bursting into flames.  According to the Associated Press, all three aboard the small plane died in the crash, and all fires were extinguished quickly, with no other injuries or fatalities having been reported.  The identities of the people aboard the plane are still the subject of speculation; power outages that began shortly thereafter are believed to have been a result of this tragedy.

Great skill or luck

According to the same Associated Press release, the plane broke apart by possibly striking a power pole and power lines.  The city operates on a municipal power grid, which is believed to have been damaged by the crash.  Most of the city of Palo Alto lost power soon after.  Area hospitals had to switch to a back up generator power.   The plane was registered to Air Unique, Inc. and was headed to the Hawthorne Municipal Airport.

Passengers rumored to be Tesla Motors execs

According to Reuters, the company the plane was registered to was registered to Tesla Motors senior engineer Doug Bourn.  Tesla Motors is one of the highest profile independent electric car companies, and their Tesla Roadster is a high performance electric car, capable of doing over 100 mph.  The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, was not aboard the plane.  Their identities are likely to be kept private.  Tesla is one of the leaders in the independent electric car companies.

Power outages still ongoing

The power outages in Palo Alto have not been completely resolved, and issues are still being reported as schools, hospitals, and business are still awaiting the restoration of full operation of utility services.  The incident has been a terrible tragedy, and hopefully the families of the deceased may find some measure of peace in this time of grief and turmoil.

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