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Score a home run for your finances So, what do you know about payday loans or installment loans? Chances are you’ve heard about them in some way, shape or form, as television, radio and online advertising sings their praises. Not only has advertising been a big part of the public’s awareness of the short term
Surveillance cameras are a good investment for payday loan stores.

Serial Robbers Target Payday Loan Stores

Payday loan robbers abound The payday loan police have been pretty busy lately, tracking down and locking up men who are suspected of robbing multiple businesses, including several payday loan stores. Obviously, they weren’t there to get easy loans for bad credit. The first payday loan store robbery story I have for you comes out
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Men Arrested After Payday Loan Store Robbery in Spokane

A rare case of catching the bad guy Very rarely do I read about a payday loan store robbery in which someone actually gets arrested. In fact, of the 20 or so robberies I’ve reported on this year, there have been four arrests, if I am remembering correctly. So I was surprised today to read
Credit cards wiped me out

Credit Cards Hurt My Credit | Payday Loans Gave Balance

Running From My Credit Card Nightmare I’ll be honest with you. My history with credit cards was nothing to write home about. In fact, it was downright scary. I’d been irresponsible. When I was young, I thought that money was easy to come by, as my parents seemed able to buy me most anything I
I was elevated

Bookstore Encouter Leads to Payday Loan Bliss

A payday loan recreation I needed a payday loan to keep a love spark alive. I came here to get it. Here’s the story: Sometimes, you just have to take a chance. Here comes the off ramp, it’s time to decide. Stay on the highway and keep speeding along in the same direction, or throw
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Payday Loans Put the Swing Back in My Ball Game

Swing away Hello. My name is Vic, and I play baseball for a living. It’s a great gig that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, even though I’m not a real person. However, because it’s Minor League Baseball, I’m not going to get rich any time soon. If I make it to the