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Times are tough, relief is available with payday loans Many believe you can’t get payday loans with bad credit. That may have been the case in the past, but it no longer is.┬áBad credit can be a result of the economic downturn, the housing market collapse and many other things outside of your control. Payday
This 2007 photo shows HandsOn Network volunteers cleaning up a neighborhood. Image from Flikr.com.

HandsOn Network, Disney Team Up to Encourage Volunteers

Largest volunteer network in the U.S. We have all heard the president calling for everyone to be good citizens and do volunteer work. Now, there’s a little extra incentive from Disney, who is running the “Give a day, get a Disney day” promotion. Disney has teamed up with the HandsOn Network, which is part of
Improper punctuation can be dangerous. Image from Flikr.com.

National Punctuation Day | Celebrate Your Own Way

Apostrophes, colons and dashes, oh my! National Punctuation Day is a holiday like no other. Unlike most holidays that are invented seemingly out of the blue, National Punctuation Day wasn’t created as a business promotion. It’s sort of like Talk Like a Pirate Day. It doesn’t make anybody any money. It doesn’t spread publicity for
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Tylenol Recall 2009 | Children’s SoftChews and Meltaways

Company fears consumes could overdose Tylenol has issued a recall of all 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol Meltaways packaged in bottles and blisters, 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol SoftChews packaged in blisters, and 160-milligram Jr. Tylenol Meltaways packaged in blisters. The Tylenol recall 2009 is totally voluntary, not ordered by the FDA. The company that issued the Tylenol products,
Don't worry, the cats who were at the Montgomery Animal Shelter are safe. Image from Flikr.com.

Montgomery Animal Shelter Closing Subject of False Rumors

With great power comes great responsibility Everyone knows the Internet is a powerful thing. Through massive social networking sites, you can get a message to numerous people instantly. However, the Montgomery Animal Shelter closing story is an example of the fact that if you’re going to disseminate a message to the masses, you’d better make
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Cash Advance & Payday Loan 90 Day Trend Report

Statistical Report on Payday Loans, Cash Advances, and Other Types Of Personal Loans Personal Money Store is not a lender itself. However, it does provide a free service that matches borrowers with lenders. This provides a unique look into the inner workings of the sub prime lending industry. There are a few reports below which
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September 11 Lesson Plans Funded By Education Trust

WTC United Family Group aims to educate The September 11 Education Trust — founded in 2001 as the World Trade Center United Family Group — has spend the past eight years developing September 11 Lesson Plans to teach kids about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The group’s web site says “The September
Paul Karason took too much colloidal silver. It's a wonder he isn't dead. (Photo: sonofmacenstein.com)

Colloidal Silver Got You Blue? Talk to Paul Karason

He wanted a cure, but became Papa Smurf instead If you’re into miracle health cures that don’t involve proper diet and exercise, you’ve probably heard about colloidal silver. Even if you aren’t into magic elixirs, you’ve probably heard mention of colloidal silver’s healing properties. As the L.A. Times recently documented, there are those that believe
Not pictured: Orange County Assemblyman Michael Duvall. (Photo: flickr.com)

Heidi Dejong Barsuglia and Michael Duvall | Family Values Hijinks

Politicians and lobbyists are literally in bed together now Like most unscrupulous politicians, California Assemblyman Michael Duvall could have simply told Sacramento-based lobbyist Heidi Dejong Barsuglia, “Give me my cash now!” However, what was common knowledge in the California state legislature is now common knowledge to the public. Michael Duvall was having an affair with
Steve Jobs is all better! Image from wikimedia.

Apple Announcement: iPhones, Cameras and iTunes, Oh My!

Apple announcement about new products As usual, Apple held its September Apple announcement, or “media event” as they like to call it (though Mashable points out there are usually more employees than media at the Apple announcement). People — and WIRED Magazine — have been speculating for weeks about what the Apple announcement would be
That expires today, bucko. But don't worry: mortgage loan modification is available today and after 09/09/09. (Photo: flickr.com)

09/09/09 | Your Lucky Day or “Suffering” in Japanese?

This probably won’t happen again in your lifetime If you’re looking to do a mortgage loan modification or play the lotto, 9 9 09 (or 9/09/09 if you prefer, as I do) may just be the day to do it. Or perhaps you want to get your hands on the new game “The Beatles: Rock
EPPICard seems simple enough. But consumer experience has been checkered by misplaced funds, service problems and identity theft via online phishing scams. (Photo: http://www.jokqt.qkpy.com/common/imagelib/index.htm/1138_500_250_crop_e6393.jpg)

EPPICard | Scams and Poor Service Darken Welfare Service

ID theft and misplaced funds checker EPPICard’s record When you’re unemployed, your unemployment check each week is a real life-saver. Sure, most of us aren’t that far removed from living on the street if our jobs ceased to exist. That’s a disturbing reality that many Americans face in a system that has lost the ability
Whats more important: our right to know or a familys right not to suffer needlessly? (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard | Should His Photo Have Published?

Does the Media’s Right to a Story Outweigh Human Decency? That’s a question that’s sure to strike up controversy. On the one hand, there is great value to a free press in a democratic society. That holds true in war time, as the American people have the right to know just how things are going
Image from Picasa, from last year's Taste of Chicago.

Taste of Colorado Brings New Life to Denver

Food, music and free admission at Taste of Colorado Many large cities have food-centered festivals to bring in tourists and promote a sense of community among residents. This weekend the Taste of Colorado is being held in Civic Center Park in Denver. Colorado is not often thought of as a center for great cuisine, but
Labor Day in New York, 1882 (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

What is Labor Day? A Day to Celebrate Labor, of Course

Closing the summer by honoring workers What is Labor Day? Why do we celebrate Labor Day? According to Wikipedia, this holiday originated in Canada and was intended to remind people of various labor disputes between workers and business owners in the late 19th century. It migrated to the United States after American labor leader Peter
New York mansion. Image from Wikimedia.

Alpine, NJ | Most Expensive U.S. Zip Code is in New Jersey?

Houses in Alpine, NJ, go for $4 million Famous zip code 90210 is only the fifth most expensive place to live in the United States. I will fully admit I was surprised to find out that 07620, the zip code for Alpine, NJ, is the most expensive place to live in the country. The median
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Start Your Application For Up To $1,000 Below Bad credit is easy to come by A lot of different people can use installment loans for bad credit. Many people from many different backgrounds have bad credit. I know many people who have bad credit because of medical bills or other large expenses that came to