Secured Loans in The UK

The answer to your money troubles The answer to your family financial crisis may be right under your nose. In fact, if you own your home, you are already halfway to solving your financial woes. First of all, the world economy is in disarray, forcing many people to make decisions they would rather not make
Employing relatives in a family business can be a reward path to debt relief, but some precautions are necessary. (Photo:

Many Business Owners are Hiring Relatives to Find Debt Relief

Hiring Family Members The search for debt relief has been a strong incentive for business owners to employ their relatives. Statistics are showing that of the six-million-member pool of small businesses in the U.S., about 20 percent of those with 100 employees or more, involve two or more family members. Analysts are speculating that these
Its too bad signs like this arent very effective. Image from Flickr.

Cash Advance Loans Store Robbery Gets Man 10 Years

Repeat offenders treated harshly It’s true, you can’t be thrown in prison for 10 years for robbing a cash advance loans store. However, the situation is different if you have already served time for robbery before. A man who robbed a payday loan store in Minnesota at gun point has been sentenced to 10 years
Do plenty of research before choosing a lender.

Secured Loan, Your Answer to Unwanted Debt

Choose what’s best for you If you have chosen a secured loan for debt consolidation, there is a process you must follow. Whether you have chosen to request a secured or unsecured consolidation loan the processes is similar. The following steps will help you decide on what choice is best for you. Begin assembling your
Williams College in Massachusetts is facing financial aid cutbacks. More students will resort to personal loans as a result. (Photo:

Students Use Personal Loans to Fund College as Admission Changes

College Admission Policies Changing More students are using personal loans to fund their college costs due to changes in financial aid policies. Along with the rest of the world, colleges and universities are feeling the financial strain of the recessionary economy. They are cutting spending, putting off new projects and programs and instituting hiring freezes.
Superstitious knick knacks clutter your cupboard? Your fingers may be why… so if you know this, you can avoid needing payday loans to fuel such an intuitive compulsion. (Photo:

Scientists Believe Superstition’s Bred in the Womb

I Believe They Need to Check Themselves When you believe in things That you don’t understand, Then you suffer, Superstition ain’t the way – Stevie Wonder, “Superstition” Psychologists have sought answers for some time as to why people believe in superstitious things and paranormal phenomenon. According to University of Helsinki psychologists Kia Aarnio and Marjaana
Installment loans have been there for people from all walks of life who have been failed by the traditional credit and lending system. (Photo:

Installment Loans: A Strong Option When Credit Access is Limited

Do Race and Ethnicity Restrict Access to Traditional Credit? You’ve more than likely heard the call to arms “Stimulate the economy!” before. It takes expenditure in order to keep the wheels of commerce flowing. While the current recession has made that difficult – people are still highly unwilling to spend on non-essential purchases – the
Demographics of online borrowers

Demographics of Internet Lending Customers

If you don’t already know that American news media is first and foremost an entertainment medium, allow me to be the one to break it to you. Sensationalism sells better than the truth. Biased story selection and reporting slant are inescapable, particularly when you consider the influence of corporate sponsorships. Conspiracy Theories Refuted Since Wall
What goes on behind the glossy facade? (photo:

Investment Banking: The Power behind the Scene

Behind the plush image When you think of an investment bank, the image that probably comes to mind first is a well-dressed banker sitting in a plush office on the top floor of a skyscraper. He or she leisurely sorts through a stack of papers on the desk, or takes an important phone call, and
Consumerism is American. Free market capitalism and payday loans are all part of necessary competition, despite what critics would have you believe. (Photo:

Short Term Credit and Controlling One’s Financial Affairs

It’s Hardly Predator vs. Prey If media and banking industry critics of payday lending are to be believed, payday loan outlets are perched in the reeds, muscles coiled in anticipation of springing upon unsuspecting consumers. “Predatory lending” is the fallback term such misinformed critics use, under the assumption that people who use payday loans are
John Herbert Dillinger was an Midwestern American bank robber in the early 1930s

Are Internet Bank Accounts Safe?

Internet banking offers benefits to customers and banks The rapid rise of internet banking has been a key feature of the financial world over the last decade and a half. There are now banks that only operate online, and traditional brick and mortar banks have websites that allow customers to access information on their accounts
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National Chocolate Day a Reason to Celebrate

Gifts and gets on National Chocolate Day People celebrate holidays for many reasons. Religion, tradition, family, patriotism and sometime just for fun. Everyone has their favorite small, unexplainable holiday. Mine is National Punctuation Day. However, I think many of you might adopt today as your new favorite holiday, if you haven’t already. It’s National Chocolate
A restaurant in New Orleans suggests Foreclose on the Banks. Image from Flickr.

Third Quarter 2009 Foreclosures at an All Time High

An improving economy The media and Uncle Sam want us to believe that times are getting better and that we are crawling out of the recession. In fact, there are some economic indicators that the economy is starting to come around. The last few weeks have provided an increase in consumer spending, a slight decline
If you ever find yourself in a bind for cash, payday loans can work for you. Get started here today! (Photo:

How Payday Loans Can Work For You

Do you Have Unexpected Expenses? There are times when you stumble over unexpected expenses such as car repair bills or medical bills. You do not have any money to pay, which would normally be a problem. Yet it doesn’t have to be! Payday loans can offer a solution. They help you avoid situations where you
Need help to pay off debt?

Pay off debt yourself and save money

How do you paying off debt? Paying off debt has become a major concern for people in every section of the society, rich and poor. Taking a loan/credit is much easier but to pay it off is very difficult, especially if you keep delaying the repayment. Non-payment of loan/credit can lead to many problems, such
Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, but Be Careful

Mortgages Can Help Credit Repair, But Be Careful

The mortgage market Many people are looking for mortgages to aid them with credit repair. The recession has left finances disheveled, and people are trying to find ways to regroup. Although recent crackdowns on mortgage lending have been put into place by the government, there are still some unscrupulous lenders trying to find their way
Think short term financial troubles can defeat you? Not with cash advance loans on your side! (Photo:

Cater to Urgent needs with Cash Advance Loans

Direct Deposit Cash Advance Loans It’s a Payday Loan Against Your Paycheck Sometimes known as a cash installment loan, a cash advance loan is a small amount of money loaned to you which was credited directly into your bank account. Payments are taken out in alignment with the balance available on your direct deposit. Often