OS 4.0 iPhone | Seven new features announced


Soon, some iPhones will be running OS 4.0, which includes iBook and more. Image from Flickr.

It’s only been a few days since the iPad came out, and though most of us are barely over our iPad hangovers, Steve Jobs hosted a big event today to announce OS 4.0 iPhone features. OS 4.0 iPhone is based on seven “tentpole” features, each of which is supposed to make the iPhone better. However, only the iPhone 3G or 3rd generation iPod Touch models will be able to support OS 4.0 for the iPhone. Otherwise, you’ll need same day loans to get the new operating system.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 1: Multitasking

It’s what many, many people were hoping OS 4.0 iPhone features would include – and now it’s here. Multitasking for the iPhone isn’t going to be true multitasking. Instead, OS 4.0 iPhone multitasking will be based on “pausing” or “minimizing” the processor load of applications. Pandora, VOIP calls and games will continue to “run” in a “dock” at the bottom of your screen, and OS 4.0 iPhone operations will switch quickly between the apps. Any conversations, such as IM or Twitter, are not currently included in the multitasking on OS 4.0 iPhone operations.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 2: Folders

One of the most popular hacks for unlocked iPhone and iPad systems was simple – adding folder management. Now, OS 4.0 iPhone users will be able to organize their apps into folders without hacking the iPhone.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 3: Enhanced Mail

First and foremost, the enhanced mail in OS 4.0 iPhones will have a unified inbox. This means your e-mails from any source can all be dumped into one inbox – or sorted into their own folders. Additionally, OS 4.0 iPhone will be able to sort messages according to conversation.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 4: iBook

Now, just like the iPad, users of the OS 4.0 iPhone will be able to use the iBook app. Buy, read and enjoy books on your iPhone. Pretty simple, though dangerous to any bibliophile’s debt management plan.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 5: Enterprise Features

The fifth feature of the OS 4.0 iPhone is really a suite of features targeted for the 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies that use the iPhone. There will be better data protection, mobile device management, app distribution, and VPN options. Ask your IT guy if you need help breaking those down.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 6: Game Center

The iPhone currently has over 50,000 game titles in the App store. Now, OS 4.0 iPhone users will be able to have a “social gaming platform” – kind of like XBox Live for iPhone users. Leaderboards, matchmaking and achievement tracking for all the time-wasting games that are great on the bus ride to work.

OS 4.0 iPhone Feature 7: iAd

Steve Jobs didn’t pull any punches when he talked about the advertising platform on OS 4.0 iPhones. To put it bluntly, he said “we think most of this kind of advertising sucks.”Supposedly, iAd will give the opportunity for over 1 billion advertising impressions a day – basically, 10 ads a day will show up on your OS 4.0 iPhone if you use apps for 30 minutes. The ads on iAd, though, look more like apps that run in apps. Jobs promises “interactive” and “emotion-filled” ads. App developers who allow iAds on their app will get a 40% split of the advertising profit.

When will OS 4.0 iPhone options be available?

If you are a developer, then OS 4.0 iPhone kits are available today. This is to ensure that when OS 4.0 iPhone sales start – in the summer – that there are lots of applications available. If you are an iPad user, then the OS 4.0 iPhone will be released in the fall.

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