Orange alligator wandering Florida neighborhoods


The orange alligator has likely been dyed by some toxin. Image: Flickr / susanad813 / CC-BY-SA

In one Florida neighborhood, an orange alligator is making headlines. Wildlife biologists have been consulted about this new orange alligator. Some are wondering whether the orange color is from a toxin related to recent fish die-offs.

Orange alligator spotted in Florida

In Venice, Fla., the newest resident of a subdivision is turning a lot of heads. An orange alligator is wandering around the subdivision. Many residents have snapped photos of this orange alligator, sharing it on social networking sites. The Florida department of wildlife has also seen pictures of the orange alligator, pictures sent to them by multiple concerned citizens.

Theories about the orange alligator

The orange alligator has raised as many questions as almost any other cryptozoological creature. Unlike the chupacabra, however, the orange alligator is proven to exist. Some biologists believe that it is a semi-albino creature that has a genetic abnormality. The general consensus of the Florida Fish and Wildlife department, however, is that the orange color is not natural. The orange color, they believe, is due to paint, stain, iron oxide or a toxin in the water or natural habitat of the alligator. By swimming through or rolling in the stain or toxin, the alligator could have stained itself orange.

Is the orange alligator related to bird dieoff?

In the last few weeks, birds and fish around the world have been reported as dying off in massive numbers. Toxicology and autopsy reports of these dieoffs are just starting to come in. Theories for the cause include everything from toxins in the environment to fireworks and radio waves. In all likelihood, the orange alligator is not directly linked to these dieoffs. Toxins and poisons, if they are found to be at fault, are likely not the same ones dying the alligator orange. This is a safe conclusion because the fish that have died off are not themselves dyed orange.


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