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Man in a long-sleeved blue shirt smiling.Online payday loans made my short-term money troubles go extinct. In this unpredictable journey called “my life,” I am constantly being thrown unexpected financial curve balls. When I decided to take my younger brother on a road trip to see the Dinosaur National Monument in our home state of Colorado, we ended up needing a little bit of help. Our trip ended in success, but it took some help from With no fax, we were able to get help in the middle of nowhere.

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When emergencies happen and you need fast cash, online payday loans can help keep your finances on track. Just as it helped me, you can get small money problems out of the way so you can worry about bigger, MORE important things — like taking a road trip the way you’re supposed to. When you need to borrow money but options are limited, online payday loans can get you the quick help you need. I know because I’ve been there. Let me share my story.

On the road again

We began the journey from our small town of Milner, Colorado, heading west toward the Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaur, Colo. Our trip started off great. We had all the supplies we needed and enough money for gas. My brother is the biggest dinosaur enthusiast I have ever met, and I teach dinosaur-loving third graders. We stopped only to get gas on the way there to save time for sightseeing, which in hindsight may not have been the best idea.

Don’t get me wrong. We arrived at the monument and loved every bit of it. We saw plenty of fossils and a beautiful park all around. But after it was time to head out, we got about halfway home when my car started to rise in temperature. I pulled over to put some water in the radiator, but about five miles later, a huge burst of steam and water shot out from under the hood of my car. The car chugged to a complete stop; I barely steered it to the side of the road.

Great… now what?

After two hours of sitting in the car with no phone, waiting for somebody in one of the few cars that drove past, the first one to stop — amazingly — was a tow truck driver. He told us he would give us a ride to the nearest gas station to use the ATM to pay him upfront, but that was the only way he was going to tow us and our car home.

I had no money in my account, but my brother realized that I had my laptop. He insisted that I request online payday loans from I could receive the money via direct deposit and withdraw the money with my card at the ATM. I thought that would be a great idea. The tow truck driver said he lived only five minutes from the gas station and would leave us his cell number to call him from the payphone when the transaction went through.

Help in the middle of nowhere

We got a no fax, direct deposit loan in no time at all, and we gave the driver a call. He arrived back at the gas station to get his money and took us back to the car to hook it up and take us home. I now know that even when you are in the middle of nowhere, will provide people with the online payday loans they need.

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