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Deciding where to get an education online can be tough, but Online Degree Navigator helps point the way. Image from Flickr.

Online and distance learning can be a great way to start or continue an education. Deciding which school to enroll in, though, can be overwhelming. In the absence of factors such as driving distance to help you decide, navigating options can be tough — and that’s where Online Degree Navigator comes in. Extensive search and compare options, real reviews from current and former students and an expert rating system all make it easier to decide which online school to attend.

Online Degree Navigator breaks down the options

When you are trying to make the very important decision of which online school to attend, Online Degree Navigator helps you sort through the options. The comparison tools enable you to efficiently sort through schools according to accreditation, completion time and cost of tuition. Combined with the expert rating system, Online Degree Navigator can help you quickly sort through the avalanche of information to find what you really want to know.

Real reviews from real students

One of the best parts of looking for a school through Online Degree Navigator is the real student reviews. Current and former students of almost any online college, university or training program have provided reviews. Learn about each school from students who have been there and done the work. If you want to ask specific questions or talk with current and former students, the Student Community forums give you that opportunity.

Online Degree Navigator provides the information you want

When you’re looking at attending an online school, the options are practically endless. Choosing a school that is accredited, affordable, and fits your goals doesn’t have to be a challenge. Online Degree Navigator helps you sort through the marketing-speak to choose a school that actually fits you. When you’re making a decision as important as where to get an education, it makes sense to get the real lowdown on your options, from current students, former students, and the experts — all in one place.

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