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If you have an online book and want to generate money, get on the horn and do some online book marketing! (Photo:

If you have an online book and want to generate money, get on the horn and do some online book marketing! (Photo:

After you have penned your latest manuscript, edited it and polished it, you might say, “I want my book to bring in cash today!” But first, you should create an author Web site with your book cover, blurb and an excerpt. You want to create something that will attract constant and future readers. Here are a few book marketing techniques to bring readers to your Web site and encourage them to buy what you’re selling: your book.

Links to the Web

Post the URL of your Web site into as many other Web sites as you can think of. Initiate link exchanges with authors who write in the particular genre that you do. Don’t forget about Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; post your URL on all of your social networking pages, in your E-mails and as a signature in forums. This is, by far, the easiest and quickest way to direct readers to your Web site.

Create Time Square Banners

Create bright and colorful banners for your author Web site and any other blogs or Web sites that you own. Adding pictures or a symbol to your banner is a great way to garner more interest. Add a tagline or logo and a name and/or Web site URL. Also be sure to make the banner click through to your author Web site. Banners can be compared to billboard advertisements, in that you can create different shapes and sizes and have the flexibility to add them anywhere on your Web site. Imagine that your banner is one of the advertisements in New York City’s Time Square. Place your banner where the most traffic is on your Web site to attract the most attention.

Create a Book Web Site

Build a Web site that is solely for your book and its characters. These types of Web sites are primarily used as promotional tools, because you can discuss new developments with your books. This is especially attractive when it comes to a serial. Try not to limit your creativity; after all, imagination doesn’t require you invest cash today in order to create. Post character bios, short stories and even pictures. You can also offer to continue the story online for free, which is a great way to increase traffic and sell your book. The more creative you think, the higher your potential sales will be.

Book Interviews

Participate in and conduct interviews with fellow writers and authors to gain exposure on their Web site when they publish the interview, and vice versa. During the interview, try to showcase some charisma, excitement and life. Talk about your characters and their motivations. Discuss your past books and upcoming ones while giving your opinion on the writing process. Oh, and sell your book in the process!

Blogs and Guest Blogging

It’s a very good idea to start a blog so that you can discuss your book, characters and your views about the writing process. It’s not difficult to start a blog. The two most popular free blogs on the World Wide Web are and The difficult – yet tried and true – trick when it comes to blogging is to provide useful content for your guest readers while not shamelessly self-promoting your own book. After all, not many people like sitting through commercials. Most definitely invite a guest blogger to your site to share their knowledge and provide useful information. In turn, their guests will visit your blog, which will bring an increase in traffic to your blog. What are you waiting for – somebody to do it all for you? Go get your cash today!

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