Omaha Steaks | Expensive mail-order quality can be had at home


A nice Omaha Steak order can be expensive - so why not dry-age at home? Image: Wikimedia Commons

It’s the holiday season, and foodies around the world are starting to receive Omaha Steaks. These mail-order steaks are incredibly popular — and incredibly expensive. You can get the dry-aged quality of Omaha Steaks at home, with just a day or two’s wait.

Omaha Steaks on order for the holidays

The majority of Omaha Steaks are shipped directly to customers in dry-ice packed coolers. In its 93 years of existence, the company has expanded their offerings to seafood, cheeses and gift packs — in other words, a little bit of everything. Custom-cut beef and steaks remain the most popular product. Many people order their Omaha Steaks for special holiday meals or for gifts.

The secret of dry aging on Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks are considered tasty, but there’s a secret most people don’t know. Omaha Steaks, like most steakhouse meats, are dry-aged. Dry aging beef is a process that pulls moisture away from the cut of meat. Dry aging pulls extra flavor out of the meat, and dries it out just enough to make the Maillard reaction stronger. The Maillard reaction browns and caramelizes the meat, making it that much tastier.

How to dry-age your steaks

If you want the flavor and quality of an Omaha Steaks cut of meat, you can do it at home for much less expensively. Just visit your local butcher and buy a steak — at least three days before you intend on cooking it. Get it home and unwrap it. Place the steak on a rack placed over a plate, bowl, or sheet pan. Cover the meat with a layer of paper towels and place it in the very back, bottom rack of your fridge. Every day, replace the layer of paper towels and pour out whatever moisture has dripped onto the pan. After three days, your steak is officially dry-aged. You can wait as long as five days, but you won’t want to wait more than six. It may seem like a lot of waiting, but if you’re a fan of Omaha Steaks, you’ll love being able to get even better flavor at home.

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