How to Obtain a Clean Credit Report

Bad credit today is as common as that annoying back ache that most people complain about. With credit cards being a common occupant in almost every person’s wallet, bad credit is on the rise. Unfortunately enough, bad credit is also the easiest of our problems to be ignored. In such cases, ignorance is bliss till you are denied a mobile connection, a home loan, or when you are asked to pay a security deposit on most of the services you are trying to avail. The final warning call to wake up and repair bad credit is when your job is threatened by it. Most people rush for credit repair to obtain a clean credit report in such circumstances.

What is bad credit and how does it affect our lives

With the recession looming clear in all our lives, problems related to bad credit have been more evident of late. Dreams of buying a home or any property for that matter seems close to impossible with banks going super strict on approval for loans. Bad credit is a sure shot way of determining your name on the list of unapproved loa consumers. Even on the rare occasion of your loan being approved, you will be asked to pay a higher rate of interest, thanks to your debt. Landlords renting out their apartments also look into your credit history before they choose you as a tenant. So what can keep you away from becoming homeless? Credit history repair is the only solution to this problem but comes with its set of hassles. As tiring as it can be, credit repair is possible, and here’s how.

What is the solution to the above problems faced?

By logic, if you are facing problems due to bad credit, the sensible thing would be to try and clean up your credit report and gather good credit. Easier said than done, this process often leads to more trouble than solving the issue of bad credit. The best way to go about it would be to take it one step at a time as given below:

What to do:

  • First things, first. Get hold of that credit report as the first step towards your goal of good credit. Know exactly where you stand and evaluate what you can do to repair the damage. A credit report can be obtained for free, as per the recent rule implied by the federal government. There are a few credit repair agencies that claim to provide you with a free credit report, but tread with caution here as some agencies take you for a ride. They promise you a free credit report, but only after you sign up for months of their service.
  • Once you have a credit report in hand, evaluate it with care to eliminate any errors that may have been included. Calculate how much you owe. Keep all relevant documents with you so that you can cross check. Next step is to calculate your monthly income and monthly expenditure. Check on how much of this amount goes towards paying off your debts. Make a conscious effort to clear your debts while also making sure that you earn enough.
  • Reducing your overall debt is essential in building good credit, and to increase credit score. At the same time, take note not to reduce it to zero, as it indicates no activity and will affect your credit report. Please note that it is advisable to use your credit card within 80% of the allowed limit. Using your credit card more than 100% of the limit can cost you around 100 points. In the same way, availing a new credit card or more within a short span of time can also be a bad mark on your credit history.
  • Payments made on time can help in credit history repair. A late payment penalty is detrimental to good credit. Paying off all your debts will not suffice in giving you a better credit score or report. You might have to notify the payment collectors that your debt has been paid off and that they should remove any negative mark on your credit report.

What to look out for:

  • A major concern in your struggle with obtaining a clean credit report will be to decide if you require professional help of credit repair agencies or if you can solve your credit issues on your own. The do-it-yourself plan will require a considerable amount of time spent on doing your base work on understanding the situation. Do your homework well with the help of books, the internet or by asking around for good remedies based on what experienced people have to say. On the other hand, if you are considering professional help, it is necessary to watch out for the good ones and the bad ones. Distinguishing the genuine agencies from the frauds is essential and there are steps to do the same. The Better Business Bureau is one such place that can help you decide on which agency to opt for. Ask ample amount of questions and make sure you get the answers.
  • Be prepared to invest your time on this procedure of credit history repair as it can get tedious. Credit repair does not happen overnight and although is possible, will take its own time to fall into place. Any agency that promises a miracle with credit repair within a few days is sure to be a scam, as tried and tested cases of credit repair has proved that it is a time consuming process to say the least.
  • Once you set out on the path of credit repair, do not give up. As we mentioned earlier, bad credit is easy to ignore but can prove disastrous the longer it is pushed away. Work towards meeting your goal of good credit and stay alert for any indications that will not allow you to increase credit score, like a negative remark by a payment collector whose debt is already paid or an unaccounted debt on your credit report.

The vital need to repair credit

All in all, as mammoth a task it seems to be, credit repair is absolutely necessary in today’s times. Keeping yourself equipped with all necessary documents and credit report is a wise thing to do while on the mission of availing good credit. Keep your goals clear and work on it step by step till bad credit is a thing of the past in your life. Say hello to good credit and watch all those unfinished dreams come true!

Get professional credit repair help

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