Obama’s B Grade | Do You Agree With His Evaluation?

Obama’s Solid B-Plus

Will Obama graduate from the presidency with honors? Image from Wikimedia.

Will Obama graduate from the presidency with honors? Image from Wikimedia.

President of the United States Barack Obama on Sunday night appeared on both “60 Minutes” and a special Oprah Winfrey show called “Christmas at the White House.” As usual, more people are interested in what happened on Oprah’s show than anything else. Specifically, the masses are evaluating whether they agree with Obama’s figurative report card, which he filled out himself.

Oprah asked Obama what grade he’d give himself on his time thus far in office. “A good, solid B-plus,” he said. Now, before you take out no fax loans and start making picket signs reflecting which grade you’d give the president, here’s the logic behind Obama’s B-plus. Study up, y’all, this is bound to come up at the dinner table or the bar at some point.

Foreign security

Obama believes the war in Iraq is beginning to wind down and he pointed out that many troops have been withdrawn from Iraq. He also says he believes the U.S. has the best possible plan in place for Afghanistan.

He also mentioned that the world’s perception of the U.S. has greatly improved. He said America has “reset” its prestige. The U.S. also has been instrumental in halting the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea.

The economy

Though many households are not yet feeling the results of the ever-so-slowly growing economy, Obama confirmed what economics experts have been saying, which is that the economy is back on track and making positive progress.

The unemployment rate dropped in November to 10 percent from 10.2 percent in October. Obama said during his year as president, the economy has stabilized and is now growing. The country avoided another Great Depression after enduring the worst recession since then.

Popularity contest

Though Oprah and Obama are decidedly pretty chummy, Oprah will be Oprah. She asked the president to respond to his dwindling popularity in the polls. Obama said he was surprised his numbers had held up as well as they did with 10 percent of the population unemployed.

What does it take to get an A?

President Obama said that if a health care plan had been passed, he would have given himself an A-minus. He said he recognizes there are still a lot of things undone, and that’s why he didn’t give himself a higher grade. There is still time for Obama’s B-plus to change to an A-minus if the health care bill passes this year.

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