Fast credit check payday loans and my bright future

College student with pile of textbook in need of bad credit ok payday loans.

“I thought I was fully covered … but I needed at least $450 fast.” (Photo: Thinkstock)

It was mid-August that I became acquainted with fast credit check payday loans. My first year of college was under way, and things weren’t as simple as I had expected. When I originally decided to stop working and go to school, for some odd reason I thought I would simply need to show up and buy a couple of books. I soon found that college is the beginning of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time on stuff you wish you didn’t have to buy. That would be the time in my life my parents learned about, and I’m grateful they did.

How fast credit check payday loans helped

After enrolling in 15 credits for fall quarter, I needed to purchase books for each class, and thankfully I was able to get the additional help I needed with fast credit check payday loans. The cost varied depending on the course. The big, heavy, hardcover science and math books tended to be the most expensive – they were as much as $200 each. A good estimate for my book budget was about $350 per quarter.

Breaking it down

A bus pass and the necessities like pens, notebooks and a bookbag were added school expenses. Together they ran me about $140. You might be wondering why it was so much, so I’ll break it down. A three-month bus pass cost $90, a book bag $35, a multi-pack of pens $5 and six notebooks for $10. I am not including tuition here, which is paid via Pell and State Need Grants.

What do I do?

I applied for the student loans to cover the previously mentioned items like books, so I thought I was fully covered. Not quite! I quickly discovered that first-time students did not receive their student loan check until 30 days after the first day of the quarter. Needless to say, I was floored. Not only did I not have money for roughly $350 of books and more than $100 for supplies, but I spent the money I saved up over the summer on three months worth of food and three months of rent in advance, so I was strapped for cash. All I knew was that I needed at least $450 fast.

Fast credit check payday loans kept me in school

My parents did not make a lot of money, so they didn’t just have the money for me, but because they had jobs, they were willing to take out a loan for me. I then heard from my new roommate Sean that helps all types of people in this sort of bad financial situation. My parents found it online and they were more than happy to help out with my current financial crunch. My parents got the money I needed in fast credit check payday loans, and there was even a little left for extra notebooks and pencils. When I got my student loan, I paid back my parents who paid off the payday loan. Crisis over!

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