Nintendo Wii games are losing popularity

Nintendo Wii

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When it comes to motion-controlled video games, Nintendo Wii has almost the entire market to itself. However, numbers are showing that consumers are slowly moving away from the Wii system to rival game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Truth is, Nintendo Wii, one of the most influential video game systems in the 21st century, is fading in popularity. And if Nintendo fails to produce a new creation to match with its competitors, returning to positive growth could be highly unlikely.

Not a good year for the Nintendo Wii

Leading U.K. video games retailer GAME blames Nintendo’s consoles for the decline in revenue and sales this year. Gamestation also reported a loss of nearly 40 percent in sales compared to last year’s sales for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. U.S. consumers are also showing a shift away from the Wii. According to Conceivably Tech, August shipment numbers looked very troubling for Nintendo. Only about 244,000 Wiis were shipped. In contrast to the 357,000 Xbox 360 sales and 226,000 sales for PS3s, total Ninetendo Wii sales for that month seem to pale in comparison.

Overall game console sales have been in a state of decline. However, with the current trend, if Nintendo doesn’t come up with something fast, chances of reclaiming the lead will be slim to none. But don’t expect a new Wii console from the Japanese video game giant any time soon. A new Wii console might be introduced sometime next year, and it may not even be fully ready until 2012.

Motion-sensing game competitors

The Nintendo Wii is up against a few big-time competitors. Earlier this month, Sony launched PlayStation Move, a motion sensor that mimics the Wii remote, but with new motion-sensing technology improvements. Word is that Microsoft will also join forces with Kinect, a camera-based system that eliminates the need for hand controllers altogether. The system records users’ movements, faces and voices using a microphone, camera, depth sensor and processor. It is slated to be released in the U.S. sometime in November. The two companies are planning complete marketing attacks in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

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