Nintendo 3DS eye strain may be dangerous to children

Nintendo 3DS

The update to the Nintendo DS could cause stunted eye development in children. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Nintendo has pre-empted a potential issue with the 3DS system – even before the Nintendo 3DS release date. The Nintendo 3DS eye strain issue could stunt the development of children’s eyes. This eye strain issue is not unique to the 3DS system, but Nintendo is the first company to attack it head-on.

Nintendo 3DS eye strain

On its website today, Nintendo warned of the possible 3DS eye strain. It says 3-D systems, especially when viewed for long periods of time, can cause everything from dizziness, seizures and nausea. Additionally, in small children long-time use of 3-D systems could actually stunt eye development. By forcing the brain to focus on two images, the eyes could actually lose the ability to focus on a single image with correct depth perception.

Suggestions for addressing Nintendo 3DS eye strain

When the Nintendo 3DS release date hits in the United States, Nintendo has several suggestions for parents. First, the company suggests parents limit their children’s playing time to no more than an hour a day, with breaks after 30 minutes. The 3DS also allows for the 3-D function to be password-protected. The medical industry has offered several warnings about 3-D televisions, movies and systems, warning that those with eye problems or those who are intoxicated should not view 3D images for an extended period of time.

Is the Nintendo 3DS eye strain a device killer?

Some have suggested that warning about the 3DS eye strain issue before the release date could kill the $300 device. Many public-relations consultants, however, are saying that the Nintendo warning could actually be a great marketing device. Many 3-D television manufacturers do issue warnings about extended viewing of their products, but the warnings are buried in the user’s guides to the TVs. Do you think the Nintendo 3DS eye strain warning is going to kill sales, or will it continue to improve the sales of Nintendo products?



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