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Nexus One release today

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, image from Flickr.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, image from Flickr.

I thought the Droid was supposed to be the iPhone killer, but today, on Nexus One release day, word on the street is that Nexus One will be the iPhone killer. Yawn. Which iPhone killer are we on now? Eight? Nine? Clearly — given that every new smartphone that comes out appears to view the iPhone as its biggest  competition — the iPhone is not dead, and probably only a machine of Terminator proportions can annihilate it.

Moving on, I am not here to try to mock people into not using the phrase “iPhone killer” anymore; I am here to talk about the Nexus One release. There is a Nexus One review or two floating around out there. Before you request an online cash advance so you can buy a Nexus One on release day, check out what those “in the know” have to say so far.

Nexus One review

Though Nexus One, made by Google, is not going to be an iPhone killer, it is certainly an iPhone immitater. It looks very similar to the iPhone, and according to Engadget, that is a good thing. Engadget says:

The device, a Snapdragon-powered, HTC-built phone looks — on paper, at least — like the ultimate Android handset, combining a newly tweaked and tightened user interface with killer industrial design.

The folks at Engadget are clearly fans of the “Google Phone,” and you can read the full Nexus One review here. Despite the fact that the appearance of the Nexus One is very similar to the iPhone, critics love it, although a writer who goes by 3rd-Geer who posted on the Nexus One blog says the photos make it look plain.

Nexus One details

The Nexus One runs on the new Android 2.1 processor, and Nexus One reviews say this new device is super fast. The battery life is comparable to other smartphones, as are the applications, though 3rd-Geer really loves the voice-to-text app.

Neither of the lengthy Nexus One reviews I have linked to say that the Nexus One is better than the iPhone, though both say it’s as good. If you want feature-to-feature comparisons, Engadget does a pretty good job.

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