New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids | 10 minutes to a great party


Lemon-lime soda with strawberries is a great New Year's Eve party idea for kids. Image: Flickr / juniorvelo / CC-BY-SA

For most adults, a New Year’s Eve party seems pretty easy to plan. But if you’ve got a pack of young ones, then New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids may be in order. Depending on how many kids you have and their ages, a kids New Year’s Eve party can be a snap.

Targeting New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids

The biggest challenge of New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids is targeting age groups. Letting kids younger than 10 stay up until midnight could be very difficult, for example. The best kids New Year’s Eve parties help the kids feel like they’re celebrating a big change, and they’re just a bit more “grown up.” If you’ve got a mixed-age group of kids, try to have different activities for the kids that stay up later.

New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids – the food

For kids parties, loading the kids up on sugar may be the first instinct. Some sugar should definitely be on the menu for your kids New Year’s Eve party, but it should be tempered with something more nutritious, such as raisins or mixed nuts. Try mixing cranberry or apple juice with lemon-lime soda to serve in plastic champagne flutes. Breakfast for dinner is also a great option for New Year’s Eve parties, and leftovers make the next morning that much easier.

New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids – the activities

If you’ve got kids that won’t be staying up until midnight, that doesn’t mean they can’t watch the ball drop. Look for a major city in a time zone three or four hours ahead of your party, and watch the ball drop there. New York is great for West Coast, and Paris is great for East Coast parties. Use film cans or chip cans to help kids create time capsules. Washable paint can be used to put hand prints on butcher paper as New Year’s growth charts to be continued each year. An award ceremony at the end of the night or beginning of the morning can also start out the new year on the right foot.

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