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The Apple WWDC 2010 this year is a bit less of a surprise than usual, as the iPhone 4G has already been revealed. Image from Flickr.

Monday, June 7, is the beginning of Apple WWDC – World Wide Developer Conference. There are wide expectations that the WWDC 2010 live stream will include an announcement of the new iPhone. This new iPhone may be called the iPhone HD or iPhone 4G, but either way, the Apple WWDC is sure to garner attention.

Apple WWDC 2010 live stream expected to include new iPhone

For the last few years, Apple has chosen the Apple WWDC to introduce a new iPhone. With the recent Gizmodo coverage of a new iPhone — iPhone HD or iPhone 4G — that was found in a California bar, expectations are running high. There are a few new iPhone features that have been confirmed, but Steve Jobs will likely lay out every feature of the new iPhone during the Apple WWDC 2010 keynote speech.

Follow the Apple WWDC 2010 live stream

Steve Jobs’ Apple WWDC keynote speech is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Pacific Time today, June 7. There will be legions of tech bloggers and journalists providing an Apple WWDC 2010 live steam. Some of the best places to find the Apple WWDC 2010 live stream and possibly get information on the new iPhone, if it is announced, include:

What will WWDC 2010 feature other than a new iPhone?

The Apple WWDC is supposed to be about much more than the new iPhone. Subtitled “the center of the app universe,” WWDC 2010 is set for lots of big announcements. The new iPhone operating system will likely be announced. An operating system upgrade to the iPad will likely be announced. A new iPhone release date will be given to the masses. In short, programmers that specialize in apps, as well as tech geeks around the world, will have plenty to be excited about. All the same, unsigned applications and other non-Apple-approved applications will continue to be blocked from use on products running the iPhone OS.

Will the new iPhone release date break with tradition?

Traditionally, the announcement of a new iPhone follows a period of waiting for it to be officially released. However, there are signs that point to the iPhone 4G being released simultaneously with the Apple WWDC announcement. For example, AT&T has pushed upgrade eligibility forward as much as five months, with an iPhone upgrade option.

New iPhone will run on new AT&T data plan

This morning, users who are joining AT&T will no longer have the option of an unlimited data plan. Instead, AT&T is introducing a two-tier data plan. The top tier will allow users of the new iPhone (and old iPhone) to download just 2GB of data per month and cost an additional $10 per gigabyte of data. While 2GB would be plenty for most users, anyone who streams TV or radio on their new iPhone will quickly find themselves bumping up against the limit. In the short term, this new pricing plan will save most AT&T iPhone users money. Unless a Verizon iPhone comes out with an unlimited plan, though (which likely will not happen for a few years if at all), then the new applications for the iPhone will quickly end up costing users even more.

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