Homemade bombs false alarm | New Haven explosives were fireworks

New Haven Explosives Homemade bombs

The New Haven explosives were not homemade bombs - they were fireworks. Image: Flickr / hisgett / CC-BY

In New Haven, Conn., a 26-year old man is being questioned about explosives. The New Haven Explosives, which have been erroneously called homemade bombs, were found Wednesday night. No charges have been filed, as the “homemade bombs” found may have actually been fireworks.

Reports of smoke led to New Haven explosives called ‘homemade bombs’

On Wednesday evening, the New Haven fire department was called because of smoke in an apartment. There was no fire, but the firefighters reported what they thought to be homemade bombs and explosives. Police and bomb squads were called to the scene, and 26-year-old Christopher Clark was taken into custody for questioning.

New Haven explosives were actually fireworks

Though initial reports said that the New Haven explosives found were homemade bombs, later investigation found differently. The “homemade bombs” found in New Haven were actually fireworks, not improvised explosives. Authorities have not indicated whether the fireworks were homemade or commercially purchased. Either way, they did present a danger to the rest of those in the apartment building.

FBI investigating New Haven explosives

New Haven police are investigating the explosives they thought were homemade bombs found in Christopher Clark’s apartment. The FBI has offered assistance in the investigation of the New Haven explosives. It has been reported that there was “no terrorist intent” with any of the New Haven explosives. The fireworks were not homemade bombs, despite what police originally though after observing their appearance. Even if these New Haven explosives were not homemade bombs, Christopher Clark could be facing charges for fireworks possession. The only fireworks allowed in Connecticut are hand-held and ground-based sparkling devices that do not explode or go into the air. Either way, Clark is most certainly facing fewer charges than if he had actually been building homemade bombs in his New Haven apartment.


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