New Hampshire bus | Greyhound bomb scare in Portsmouth

Greyhound bus station

Passengers on a Greyhound bus alerted 911 to a possible bomb. Image from Flickr.

This afternoon, a Greyhound driver on a New Hampshire bus parked, put on the flashers, and ran for the hills. Why? There was a Greyhound bus bomb scare. A passenger on the New Hampshire bus called 911 to report that there was an “explosive device” on board. That’s enough to make almost anyone consider no fax loans to take the train instead. This suspected Greyhound bus bomb comes just days after an attempted bombing in New York City and a major explosion at an Army facility.

New Hampshire bus scare

The New Hampshire bus bomb scare came after an unidentified passenger called 911. Police Captain Mike Schwartz said that the call was “based on someone’s observations” as opposed to a stated threat. For almost two hours after the 911 call, passengers remained on the New Hampshire bus. Eventually 17 passengers left the bus, one at a time, with their hands over their head. The driver and one passenger are still being questioned.

ATF and FBI on the scene of New Hampshire bus

As soon as the New Hampshire bus bomb report was called in, state authorities responded. Within an hour, there were representatives of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the scene. The FBI also sent officers to work with the state bomb disposal unit and local police officers that were on the scene. News helicopters were restricted from overhead flight, and nearby buildings were evacuated.

One New Hampshire bus passenger questioned

Though there were 18 passengers as well as the driver on the New Hampshire bus, only 17 passengers have disembarked. Officials have not revealed if this was an ongoing hostage situation, or if the remaining passenger is a suspect. They will only say that they are questioning the passenger. The New Hampshire Greyhound bus was on a route that would have taken it from Bangor, Maine to Boston and New York City.


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