New 100 dollar bill debuts to help fight counterfeit rings

Painting of Benjamin Franklin seated at a table, pondering his latest invention or the day's affairs. A rainbow afro wig has been added to symbolize the colorful new additions to the new 100 dollar bill, which bears Franklin's portrait.

This isn't what Benjamin Franklin looks like on the new 100 dollar bill. A less flamboyant Ben shares his space with fancy, color-changing images and watermarks. (Photo: Patriot Print Shoppe)

Whether you call them Benjamins, C-notes or simply that money that bears the face of the Founding Father who knew how to party, the United States’ new 100 dollar bill definitely makes counterfeit money operations that much more difficult. The U.S. government knows how smart counterfeiters have become, particularly with their use of the “Superdollar” counterfeit. Those are nearly impossible to distinguish with current technology, so new features have been added to the new 100 dollar bill – including a 3D security ribbon, color-changing Liberty Bell – to stand up to the Superdollar threat. These new 100 dollar bill features will join current anti-counterfeit elements like the Benjamin Franklin watermark, security threat and color-shifting 100, reports Geekosystem.

The new 100 dollar bill is easily verified

Both consumers and merchants including loans companies shouldn’t have too much difficulty determining whether a new 100 bill is in fact THE new 100 dollar bill, straight from one of those mustard-colored $10,000 straps from a Federal Reserve Bank. According to a U.S. government press release, the new 100 dollar bill’s Liberty Bell images should change colors as the bill is tilted. It should change from a copper color to green, which makes it seem to disappear into a copper inkwell. According to Treasurer of the United States Rosie Rios:

“The new security features announced today come after more than a decade of research and development to protect our currency from counterfeiting. To ensure a seamless introduction of the new $100 note into the financial system, we will continue global public education of retailers, financial institutions and industry organizations to ensure that consumers and merchants are aware of the new security features.”

Receiving cash from payday loans? Look for the changing Liberty Bell!

For more information on the history of the $100 bill, here’s a useful link.

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