Never too late for financial education with MyStartingPoint

Financial understanding is one of the cornerstones of a healthier lifestyle. With it, you can live a purpose-driven life, generally free of spiraling debt burden. Thanks to MyStartingPoint, a Web-based education portal created by the nonprofit Community Financial Education Foundation, the opportunity to develop financial literacy skills is almost always at your fingertips.

Dedicated month of financial understanding

The CFEF explains that it is possible to teach every person about finances, no matter what their age, with MyStartingPoint. It should be incorporated into education whenever possible. This is a perfect month to do it too, considering April is National Financial Literacy Month officially.

A study was done by CFEF through the MyStartingPoint software from March 29 to April 1, 2012. There were 6,900 consumers surveyed for it. The survey found that over 60 percent of respondents believed elementary schools should get financial literacy tools while 80 percent believe parents are not giving enough financial education to their kids. About 90 percent of the respondents believed that United States high schools should be getting financial education.

System teaches regardless of age

Consumers can understand the best way to make instant positive changes to financial skills with educational resources through MyStartingPoint. The program can help people with financial health for life through the skills.

Over 70 percent of CFEF survey respondents said that they prefer to get all data on the internet, which is why the interest is so vital in the teaching process. All financial lessons are delivered on the internet.

“The Internet seems to breathe life into the materials,” said one survey participant.

This opinion was echoed by Consumer Federation of America Executive Director Stephen Brobeck.

“Financial information has to be lively and in marketing language that people have become used to,” Brobeck stated.

Basic starting place

When an individual knows how they can use their cash in good ways, they are more likely to help others around them and benefit their own lives. Customers with a clear view of their options are more intelligent about how they spend the money, specifically when they know more about credit tools.

That basic data about finances, loan terms, investing, revolving credit and person banking is all accessible from MyStartingPoint, according to CFEF Executive Director Jane DeMarines. There are simple lessons put together, and it can even be customized depending on where an individual already is.

The best way to get financial understanding


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