Mystery Missile in California launches against setting sun

Mystery Missile

Some theorize that the mystery missile was actually a contrail. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Los Angeles television stations are reporting on a mystery missile launch the evening of Nov. 8. The mystery missile was seen launching about 35 miles off the California coast. Popular theories say that the mystery missile may be NASA’s Black Brant IX rockets, or possibly an optical illusion from an approaching aircraft.

Mystery missile in California

The KCBS news helicopter in California captured what appeared to be a missile launch on Monday evening. The origination of the launch appeared to be about 35 miles west of Los Angeles, and north of Catelina Island, out in sea. There were no FAA warnings or military reports to be found about a planned missile launch.

Was the mystery missile military?

A Navy spokesperson and Air Force spokesperson have both told CBS station KFMB that the mystery missile launch was not from their branches of the military. Pentagon spokesperson Col. Dave Lapan told reporters in a press conference that “The operative word is unexplainable.” NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command, released a statement saying that they are “working to determine the exact nature of this event.” They have also confirmed that “from all indications, this was not a launch by a foreign military.”

What is the mystery missile?

With the Army, Navy, Air Force, and U.S. military all swearing off knowledge of the mystery missile, what else could it be? The Los Angeles Times speculates that the mystery missile could have been a private rocket launch. Others have speculated that the mystery missile could have been a launch of NASA’s Black Brant IX rockets on San Nicolas Island. Those rockets carry Missile Alternative Range Target Instrumentation for testing. A final possibility is that the mystery missile is not a missile at all. points out that “a contrail streaming horizontally from the exhaust of an approaching aircraft can look like a vertical missile shot if the end of the plume is hidden by the curvature of the earth.”

So what do you think the California mystery missile actually was?


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